Ken Pasternak in Global Leaders Today Magazine

‘In the process of writing, it became clear to me that leaders and coaches working to assist leaders during these uncertain and challenging times, need to focus on three key capabilities to deliver consistent results: 1) being an effective Communicator, 2) creating and maintaining a collaborative Culture, and 3) visibly role-modeling the Character that sets an example for how they want others to behave.’

Ken Pasternak, author of Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers: Adventures in Global Business is featured in Global Leaders Today Magazine speaking about the four C’s for great leadership.

Four C’s for Great Leadership – Global Leaders Today

Written by Ken Pasternak Ken Pasternak is a Best-Selling Author, Consultant, and Speaker making great strides in performance and leadership. He has focused on building high-performance organizations through visionary leadership, team effectiveness, establishing a winning culture and improving cross-cultural understanding. He is the co-author of ‘Performance at the Limit, Business Lessons from Formula 1 Racing’ […]