Graham Eisner speaks to Darryl Praill on INSIDE Inside Sales

Graham Eisner, author of Just Ask!: 7 simple steps to unlock the power of clients, generate referrals and double your business, is a featured guest on Darryl Praill’s podcast, talking about using the Just Ask method for getting leads through referrals – at no cost!

Don’t Ask, Don’t Sell – Graham Eisner – INSIDE Inside Sales

30 min 17 sec video

Graham Eisner in Decision Ireland

Decision Ireland

Decision Ireland, Ireland’s business review, features an extract from Just Ask! by Graham Eisner.

Unlock the power of clients for more business

Graham Eisner Graham Eisner became one of Goldman Sachs’s most successful sales professionals by developing a powerful referrals methodology and now teaches this to clients worldwide. Trending Now Unlock the power of clients for more business

Graham Eisner in Business Age

Business Age

Graham Eisner, author of Just Ask!,  explains why referrals are the most underrated but effective sales tactic.

Business Age

Referrals are a hidden gem. You’re trying to grow your business using different methods, but missing this huge hidden pipeline of highly qualified prospects. You’re a client adviser in the wealth management industry; or you might be a lawyer, accountant, sales consultant, entrepreneur or large enterprise account manager.