Brian Cavanagh on the People Inspired By Purpose Podcast

‘Chairs, trustees and CEOs need to understand each other’s roles, respect each other’s responsibilities and work together towards a common and agreed mission.’

#126 How to be a great charity trustee, Brian Cavanagh Author Governing With Purpose

Listen to this episode from People Inspired By Purpose – Purposely Podcast on Spotify. Brian Cavanagh joins Purposely to share what it takes to be an impactful and effective trustee on a charity board or a governance committee.

Brian Cavanagh in Global Leaders Today

‘The governance as leadership approach regards generative thinking as a shared endeavour. It goes a significant way to rebalance the relationships between the board and the CEO/team.’ 

Brian Cavanagh, author of Governing With Purpose, is featured in Global Leaders Today

Governing with Purpose – Global Leaders Today Thought Leadership

Written By Contributing Writer Brian Cavanagh, CEO, Calibrate In this uncertain and unpredictable climate, Charity board trustees need to reimagine their purpose and reposition around governance and leadership, especially policy formulation. Historically, it has been left to the CEO/Executive team to devise policy, with a general reluctance for boards to get involved in policy formulation Why is this the case?

Brian Cavanagh on the Carmichael Centre Podcast

Brian Cavanagh, author of Governing With Purpose, speaks with Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí on The Carmichael Centre Podcast.


In our latest podcast episode, Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, interviews Brian Cavanagh, a business coach and governance specialist, who will have his book “Governing with Purpose” published in September.