Joy Burnford in Talent Management Excellence

‘I have seen many companies making positive strides in supporting women suffering from hormonal issues; those that focus on hormone issues in their well-being agenda, and provide personalized support to women who need it, will make big strides in becoming inclusive employers that are prioritizing the mental health of their staff and make progress in gender equality.’

Joy Burnford, author of Don’t Fix Women, is featured in the December Issue of Talent Management Excellence.

Understanding Hormone Issues Is Key To Retaining Women

Women’s hormonal challenges have long been considered taboo in the workplace, yet the side effects can have a major impact on confidence levels, career progression, and well-being. In fact, for many women, it leads to them leaving their jobs altogether. In my new book,Don’t Fix Women , I summarize these challenges as the four Ms: menopause, maternity, miscarriage and monthlies.