Chris Altizer and Gloria Johnson-Cusack in HR Morning

‘Employee resilience has been a flaming-hot topic with plenty of new ideas. The problem with most is the notion that employees can do it themselves, but, leaders contribute to workplace resilience when they lead with their own participation. From their own resilience, leaders can more effectively remove barriers to employee performance, improve workplace culture, and slow the great resignation.’

Chris Altizer and Gloria Johnson-Cusack authors of Growing the Elephant have an article on organizational resilience published in HR Morning .

HR’s critical role in building organizational resilience | HR Morning

The last two years were full of HR lessons – and this could be the most important: Resilience makes a difference. It likely helped you trudge through volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. And now, resilience – the ability to cope with adversity and adapt to challenges and change – is a critical business strategy.