Cath Bishop in The Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Times

‘It’s time to forge a new 25-year vision: let’s redefine success beyond the blink of an eye crossing the line, three minutes on a podium and a number on a medal table. Let’s challenge ourselves to win medals where we can be proud of every single story. And let’s start prioritising how we can deliver greater long-term positive outcomes for individuals and communities through sport. There’s a better way to succeed in sport, and we shouldn’t rest until we find it.’

Olympian Cath Bishop, author of The Long Win, challenges our simplistic stories about winning and sport in The Mail on Sunday.

CATH BISHOP: How many medals is enough?

London 2012 was a success but the event has been tainted by welfare scandals Athletes have told stories of abuse, bullying and negative mental health issues Cultural changes in high-performance sport should be prioritised over medals How well did we seize the chance of a lifetime that London 2012 offered our nation?