Category: Self-development
Publication date: January 10, 2023


A toolkit for a better working life

Beth Stallwood

Book description

Dreading Monday?
Feeling stuck in your career?
Frustrated with your boss?

You’ll spend more than a third of your lifetime working; it’s time to stop expecting people to ‘fix it’ for you. Take control and create the power of living with more joy at work.

Beth Stallwood is a sought-after coach and facilitator, specialising in helping people transform the way they engage, develop and lead themselves at work.

She’s distilled years of experience into the practical WorkJoy method, enabling you to take ownership of your working life by:

  • Cultivating a top-notch support squad and navigating challenging relationships
  • Harnessing your power by investing in your head, your heart and your courage
  • Utilising your superpowers and becoming the architect of your career path

Edition information

Paperback 9781788603584 January 10, 2023 £12.99
Ebook 9781788603607 January 9, 2023 £7.99