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Publication date: May 25, 2021
Extent: 280 pages

The Thriving Giver

7 Principles for health professionals and caregivers to enhance self-care and prevent burnout

Sarah Kuipers



“I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” – Dr. Sarah Eagger, consultant psychiatrist

Give yourself the kind of care you give others and create a personalized toolkit of simple and effective strategies to master stress and revitalise your life.

Whether you are a health or care professional, informal caregiver, therapist, or simply a people-pleaser who ignores their own needs, Sarah Kuipers invites you to take a fresh approach to stress by helping you unearth the roots of poor self-care, and guiding you step by step to create a life that nurtures you, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Only when you thrive can you give of your best to the world each day.

Discover 7 powerful principles that will help you:

  • Create supportive beliefs around your own worth
  • Gain a greater understanding of your risk factors
  • Transform your thoughts and emotions
  • Calm your anxiety
  • Become more assertive
  • Replenish your energy
  • Nourish your spirit

“This brilliant book… should be required reading for all caring professionals.” – Dr. Jane Buckle, former nurse and lecturer for healthcare professionals

SARAH KUIPERS ran a successful practice for over 20 years as a single mother, before burning out. Since completing a Masters in Research on stress and burnout she has facilitated numerous courses in personal development and stress management for medical students.


This book is fantastic. It’s easy to read and full of practical ideas to help people look after themselves and reduce stress. I think it is relevant for people in any profession, not just healthcare professionals, but especially those who spend a lot of time looking after other people (eg parents!) rather than themselves. I would recommend this to anyone.


Superb book, well written and easy to follow steps to reduce stress. Targeted at healthcare professionals but relevant for everyone.


An absolute must for anyone working in stressful or emotionally challenging environments. Easy step by step guide to self-care.


Amazing stress management tips. Easy to follow steps to help reduce stress. I liked the fact it was targeted to Healthcare workers, but at the same time anyone could use it for help. A fantastic book I will be telling everyone about. Would love a physical copy to carry around with me for those stressful moments.


An excellent resource for those who find themselves in a caregiver role whether it is a part of their employment or a personal situation. In order to provide care for another one must take care of themselves which is something so many people forget. Burnout and moral distress are very real and can have dramatic and traumatic impact on caregivers, learning how to avoid and treat these problems is critical. I think this book would be a good book for all entering the healthcare field.


A remarkable pick up put down book whenever it is required. Although the tools and exercises stay in your mind and practicing them helps them become part of your self conscious – if there are times when you need that reminder the book is easy to self navigate and go straight to the part that applies to your vulnerability or thought process. It has certainly reminded me how the power of saying “No” is empowering! It gives you confidence! The examples Sarah has used in the book demonstrates what we can all achieve. A fantastic, supportive, and positive guide to a successful you in everyday living. Applicable to every profession.


As a counsellor, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist myself, many of the recommended resources are familiar to me yet there is something about the clear framework and spirit of this book, the way it is presented that motivates me to further transformative action. I already find I have personally benefited from reading and applying this book.
The author regularly honours the importance of reaching out for the professional services of a counsellor/psychotherapist too when necessary. I believe it is an excellent book for counsellors to recommend to their clients as well as for their own personal benefit.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking support for their own wellbeing who may benefit from utilising a defined framework

British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

This book reminds us of our daily needs – to create time for being rather than doing, to counteract the fast pace of life, to nurture ourselves with stillness and connect with our inner intuition. Her attention to mind, body and soul should be attractive to all holistic practitioners

Journal of Holistic Healthcare

This empowering self-help book provides healthcare professionals and caregivers with a rich toolkit of knowledge, tasks, and resources to help take their self-care and wellbeing into their own hands and create a balanced and nourishing life

The Psychologist

Kuipers is a strong writer who reflects on mental health issues and the need for selfcare on a whole new level. I think this book is incredibly helpful not only for healthcare professionals but also for young adults entering the workforce. It will assist them in facilitating healthy ways of thinking in order to prevent future burnout or mental health problems

British Journal of Midwifery


“This brilliant book… should be required reading for all caring professionals.” – Dr. Jane Buckle, former nurse and lecturer for healthcare professionals
“A rich, detailed and deeply valuable formula to go from a life of depleting, soul and body destroying one-way caring relationships to a balance of other-care and self-care… A gem of a book in the burnout prevention, self-care literature.” – Thomas Skovholt, PhD, psychologist and co-author of The Resilient Practitioner, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota
“This is a timely practical self help guide… ideal for health professionals looking for skills to improve the quality of their lives – one step at a time.” – Dr. Derek Chase, fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners
“A really good reminder that self-care is not selfish if we want to be able to fully give to those around us.” – Dr. Jodie Waterhouse, clinical psychologist
“Here’s down-to-Earth wisdom for everyday life that really works.” – Dr. Hal Zina Bennett, bestselling author of Write from the Heart
“This is a very well-organized, well-researched and meticulously thought-through book which is equally relevant for professionals and non-professionals.” – Sue Schraer, psychotherapist and guest editor of The Psychotherapist
“This excellent book could be a valuable tool for mental health workers enabling them to enhance their own lives as well as their clients.” – Caroline Black, psychotherapist
The Thriving Giver is a thorough, practical guide to support caring professionals in maintaining wellness and avoiding burnout.” – Elizabeth Wilde McCormick, psychotherapist and author of Change for the Better and Living on the Edge
“Without stepping back and using the tools described in this book there is a risk of burnout or giving up a career that would otherwise be manageable with the techniques described.” – Dr. David Beales, Specialist in Mind-Body Medicine and co-author of Reclaim Health
“This easy-to-digest book is a rousing call to action, inviting the healthcare professional to listen to their ‘inner radar’ and commit to addressing their state of ‘self-care’.” – Carole Falkner, Consultant in Healthcare Organization Development, Canada
The Thriving Giver is a timely and practical resource for caring professionals. Sarah recognises that for many, the life experiences that drew them into their work have shaped beliefs and behaviour patterns that are counter-productive to their own wellbeing.” – Jan Alcoe, co-author of Stillness in the Storm, and publishing consultant in health and social care
“For anyone who is struggling with overwhelm in a caring profession, this book is for you!” – Dorothy McCrady, former Elementary School Principal, Canada
“Sarah has put her considerable knowledge into these pages to create a clear and simple workbook for change.” – Professor Ursula James, visiting teaching fellow, Oxford University Medical School


Introduction: My Life Path

How to Use This Book


Introduction: Developing Greater Awareness


Introduction: The Legacy of the Past

Identifying Unhelpful Behaviour Patterns

Creating New, Empowering Beliefs

Releasing Your Self-Care Saboteurs


Introduction: How Close are you to the Critical Zone?

Assessing Your Wellbeing

Stress: Recognizing the Warning Signs

Burnout: How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs

What are Your Risk Factors?


Introduction: Discovering Your Unique Path


Introduction: Letting go of the Burning Coal

Expressive Writing

The Gift of Gratitude

Choosing Your Questions

Reaching Out for Help: a Sign of Courage


Introduction: Creating Calm in the Eye of a Storm

Conscious Breathing

Remembering the Magical Moments

Grounding: Connecting to the Earth


Introduction: Setting Clear Boundaries

Learning to Say No

Developing Skills in Assertiveness

Becoming the Architect of Your Life

Enrolling Support at Home


Introduction: What Fuels Your Fire?

Family, Friends and Fun

The Joy of Exercise and Time in Nature

Music and Creativity


Introduction: Daily Centering Practice

Mindfulness and Meditation

Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi

List of Resources

List of References




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Ebook / 9781788602532 / May 24, 2021 / £5.99

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Sarah Kuipers

Sarah Kuipers initially trained in osteopathy and homeopathy, before focusing on hypnotherapy and life coaching. For over 20 years she helped clients master stress, set clear boundaries and balance their lives. However, the combined pressures of work and bringing up three boys as a single mother eventually led to burnout, which inspired her to carry out a Masters Research study on stress in health professionals. This highlighted how stress is frequently amplified by childhood patterns that make it hard to value and care for yourself, traits that she recognized in herself and many of her clients.
As the founder of YourHealth2, Sarah has lectured and facilitated numerous workshops on self-care, assertiveness, and burnout prevention, and courses on stress management and personal development for medical students. The Thriving Giver brings together everything Sarah has learnt from her own transformational journey, her work with clients and her Masters Research study.