Sarah Kuipers

Sarah Kuipers initially trained in osteopathy and homeopathy, before focusing on hypnotherapy and life coaching. For over 20 years she helped clients master stress, set clear boundaries and balance their lives. However, the combined pressures of work and bringing up three boys as a single mother eventually led to burnout, which inspired her to carry out a Masters Research study on stress in health professionals. This highlighted how stress is frequently amplified by childhood patterns that make it hard to value and care for yourself, traits that she recognized in herself and many of her clients.
As the founder of YourHealth2, Sarah has lectured and facilitated numerous workshops on self-care, assertiveness, and burnout prevention, and courses on stress management and personal development for medical students. The Thriving Giver brings together everything Sarah has learnt from her own transformational journey, her work with clients and her Masters Research study.

Books by Sarah Kuipers

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