Category: Business
Publication date: May 18, 2021

The Disruption Game Plan

New rules for connected thinking on innovation and risk

Ruth Murray-Webster
Eleanor Winton

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Disruption is everywhere: it presents both great opportunities and significant threats.

Do you know how to shape your strategy to respond?

What if you had a game plan to navigate disruption?

The Disruption Game Plan presents a tried and tested framework to help senior leaders think differently about disruptive trends and emergent risks, and to act differently when making decisions; joining up thinking on innovation, risk, sustainability and strategy.

By revealing how we can more effectively deal with challenging business environments, it shows you how to go beyond a short-term, fire-fighting response, and instead set out to ‘change the game’.

This practical and easy-to-read book is supported by online content including videos, models, tips, blog posts and much more on


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Paperback 9781788602488 May 18, 2021 £19.99
Ebook 9781788602471 May 17, 2021 £9.99