Eleanor Winton

Eleanor Winton is an experienced consultant and recognized keynote speaker on Disruption, Foresight and Innovation. In over 16 years as a consultant, she has helped hundreds of organizations in almost every sector to identify disruptive trends and develop a plan to address those. Prior to setting up Foresightfully in 2017, Eleanor led KPMG LLP’s Future Institute in the UK.

Eleanor is experienced in working with Boards and Executive teams and has designed and led thousands of workshops focused on driving innovation and change. She is well known for her high energy and engaging style which inspires those she works with to engage with the art of the possible and to break silos to drive collaboration.

Her background in forensic investigations is key to her unique approach, which combines creativity with rigour and analytical thinking to ensure that innovation is closely aligned with organizational strategy and results.

She wrote the foreword for UKWA’s report Feeding London in 2030

Books by Eleanor Winton

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