Richard Mawer

Richard Mawer is the founder and CEO of Ignite Growth, a business growth consultancy. He works exclusively with B2B clients who feel they are stuck around £350 – 500k and want to scale to £1m turnover and beyond. Over the past 30 years he has grown eight of his own businesses and helped hundreds of business owners to grow theirs, including one client who he worked with through to a £28m exit and another through to an £8m acquisition.
He is an expert in business strategy, process and systems and, over the past decade has developed the STEPS Growth Method to give business owners a step-by-step approach to growing a “remarkable” business that is resilient to fluctuations in the economy, attracts a constant stream of new clients and allows the owner to grow the business that they deserve, whether that be a £1m lifestyle business or an 8-figure performance business.

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