Category: Business for Good
Publication date: October 26, 2021
Extent: 228 pages

My Happy Place

Healthy, sustainable and humane interior design for life and work

Rachel Fowler

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This is the go-to-guide for anyone wanting to create healthy, humane and sustainable working and living spaces. Whether you’re a design professional or just someone who cares about their living space, discover how to create designs that promote mental and physical wellbeing whilst being good for the planet.

From wall coverings to floor coverings, furniture to fabric, and with a special note on nurseries, Rachel Fowler uses her background in healthcare alongside her design expertise to reveal how the way we furnish our living spaces impacts on our health and happiness.

Richly illustrated, with top tips for selecting products, questions to ask when buying materials, information on suppliers and a glossary of sustainable and vegan certifications, this is a unique resource for creating a kinder, more beautiful way of living.

Rachel Fowler used to be a paediatric intensive care nurse before swapping scrubs for a sketch-pad and committing herself to a full-time 3-year degree in interior design. Having graduated with Honours, she now runs her own design business focused on healthy, humane design, including her own line of sustainable wallpaper.

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Hardback 9781788602983 October 26, 2021 £49.75
Ebook 9781788602976 October 25, 2021 £9.99