Category: Business, Entrepreneurship
Publication date: July 11, 2023

Find Your 9others

The questions to ask yourself as you start up and scale up

Katie Lewis
Matthew Stafford

Book description

If you could sit down to dinner with some of the world’s most ambitious startup entrepreneurs, what would you ask them?

Since 2011, 9others has hosted over 5,000 entrepreneurs at 500 events in over 45 cities around the world and asked one simple question: what’s keeping you up at night? We’ve heard the challenges that entrepreneurs all around the world have faced; their thinking and the behavioural traits that helped them overcome those challenges.

In this book, 9others founders Katie Lewis and Matthew Stafford will help you discover the questions you should be asking yourself as you start and scale your own start up, and why you should go on your own journey to find your 9others

Edition information

Paperback 9781788604468 July 11, 2023 £14.99
Ebook 9781788604482 July 10, 2023 £7.99