What our authors say

Wondering what it might be like to work with us? Here are just a few of the nice things our authors say about the experience…

Grace MarshallHaving three books under my belt, I’m often asked to share my experience and advice on choosing a publisher to work with. Why did I choose to work with Practical Inspiration Publishing?
Care, commitment, collaboration and partnership. Alison’s personal commitment is second to none. But also her team, who took time to get to know me, my book and the impact I wanted to make with it. This resulted in a true partnership, aligned towards a common goal, throughout the process - from conception and editorial through to design and marketing. 
You never feel like just another number. Communication is thoughtful, responsive and two-way. You really feel like you’ve got a publishing team behind you, and that doesn’t stop once you’re published. I continue to benefit from ongoing PR opportunities, partnerships and the network of Alison’s author community. 
I love what we’ve created together with Struggle, and the work we’re continuing to do together.

Alice SheldonAny publisher that I looked at needed to really know what they were doing and to have a proven track record with publishing. But where Practical Inspiration stood out above that was in the commitment to working in partnership with me. That translated into author coaching calls, consultation at every stage of design and production, and the building of a relationship that is allowing my book to flourish now that it is out in the world.
What did I find most valuable?  The exceptionally speedy responses to any question that I had, the excellent steering from Alison and her team, and the ability to listen, so that the final book was a truly collaborative effort.

Rob WoznyAs a first-time business book author, I simply could not have asked for a better experience and outcome than working with Alison Jones and her team at Practical Inspiration Publishing. As an experienced business communicator, my expectations were high, and they were exceeded. From start to finish, Alison ensured there was a consistent commitment to quality and excellence from manuscript development to the book’s interior and exterior design to the delivery of books from the UK to Canada. I would not hesitate to recommend any author, at any level, to work with Alison and her team.

Alise CortezWorking with Practical Inspiration elevated my whole approach to running my business. My first draft was a colossal spillage of flowery verbosity that would have entirely diminished my brand as a management consultant. Alison and team coached me to consider why I was writing the book and how doing so would help my business. I shudder to think how my business would have suffered had I released that initial draft prior to engaging Practical Inspiration. Thanks to our work together, I have a book that actually works for me to generate interest in my consulting and speaking.

Brian CavanaghFor anyone thinking of writing a business book, I cannot recommend Alison Jones and Practical Inspiration Publishing highly enough. For at least the past five years I have talked about writing a book, yet when it comes to writing I have a level of procrastination that regards eternity as too soon. I signed up to one of her writing book programmes. That helped me shape the structure for the book. Without the programme and follow up support, I still would still be 'talking' about the book as opposed to working on the final draft for publishing.

Neil BentleyWorking with Alison and Practical Inspiration was an absolute pleasure. They help two virgin authors through each step of the process - from editing and proofing to printing and marketing. Alison and her team significantly added value at every step along the way. We were particularly drawn to Alison's business model, and also to her connection in the US as well as the UK, and we are certain that we made the right choice of publisher for our book.

Jude JennisonAlison and her team are delightful to work with. They are experts in the art and business of publishing and writing business books inside out. Their knowledge of running a business provides outstanding added value and they are generous and professional with their advice.

Anna MellerI'm really happy I chose PIP as my publishing partner. The way you support your authors is outstanding; and I love the fact it doesn't stop when the book is published.... The book is a really professional product and your services have exceeded my expectations. I really could not have done it without you.

Simon FishelIf there are any doubts in anyone’s mind where to go with your publishing, here is the place to be: they have been incredibly supportive and more than I could’ve hoped for when deciding to publish my book.

Mike SergeantAfter 6 months working with Alison, I’ve completed a manuscript and am looking forward to publication. I wouldn’t be here without her help, wisdom and support. Alison understands better than anyone how to write and position a book that fits into your business and helps it grow. Highly recommended.

Moira SomersI have recently published a book with Alison's company, and cannot say enough about how good it has been to work with her and her team. Their professionalism and attention to detail are evident from the first points of contact right through to the delivery of the finished product. Every member of the team is highly skilled, cheerful, and prompt. They are absolutely top-notch.

Tony LlewellynAlison and her colleagues have just completed the publication of my second book, The Team Coaching Toolkit. My first book was managed by a traditional publishing house, and I have to say this was a significant improvement. Not only was I kept informed and engaged throughout the process, but the book was delivered as promised in half the time! I am delighted with the look and feel of the finished product and have no hesitation in recommending Alison to other authors.

Ebonie AllardI cannot recommend working with Alison highly enough. She is professional and personable and more than that, she cares as much as you do about the message you have to share.

Becky HallI decided to publish with PI because Alison completely understood my book - The Art of Enough - in a way that other publishers didn't. She gave me confidence and encouragement to say what I really wanted to say, which was wonderful. I felt supported throughout the entire process, from commission to print. At every stage Alison and the team were available to provide really useful advice and guidance. I love the way Alison weaves structure and deadlines alongside empathy and support for the inevitable low confidence moments. The beta reading process and first content editor's report were especially useful in helping me to craft the final text. The marketing support was also hugely helpful. Publishing a book is simultaneously exciting and terrifying and the PIP team helped me to navigate the highs and lows with such supportive professionalism.

David PattisonThe two parts of the process that were the most valuable/helpful were spending time with Alison mapping out the structure of the book, what I was really trying to say and who i was trying to get my message to, and the editing process, which made my book a much better book. After the first main edit I completely restructured the book, changing its tone and pace, and it was so much better as a result. Since its publication, The Money Train has opened up so many new opportunities - for example I am now on the faculty of the Global MBA programme at Manchester University Business School. It has undoubtedly enhanced my business and my reputation. It has now been published for over a year and it is still bringing business to me.