What’s it like working with you?

You might have heard some horror stories about working with publishing partners: there are a LOT of outfits out there with little publishing experience who are eager to make a fast buck out of would-be authors. We are very different. Take a look at what our authors say about us, and feel free to reach out to any of our authors to ask them directly.

Not all publishing partners are created equal, and we work very hard to ensure that our authors not only publish superb books, but find the process joyful.

Why should I choose you as my publishing partner?

Great question! We are unique in that we combine the professionalism and reach of traditional publishing (expert editorial and design, global distribution through the book chain, international sales reps visiting bookshops, libraries and university campuses, traditional and digital marketing campaign, rights team etc) with the control and financial benefits of self-publishing. You can find out more about us here. And if you’re ready to take the next step, book a concept review now.