Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell is Chief Executive and lead researcher at The Resilience Engine. Resilience takes her into many domains, from working with leaders in large organisations to working in schools, universities and charities. She is passionate about sharing the thinking and practical resilience habits from the research, so that everyone can feel well, more at ease, and reconnected to the joy in their life.

Melissa Hood

Melissa Hood is the founding director of The Parent Practice. A former solicitor, when her youngest was born she changed career to spend more time at home, working part time as a decorative painter.
She took a parenting class when one of her sons, diagnosed with dyslexia, was in trouble at school with impulsive, aggressive and disruptive behaviour. Melissa and John wanted to address the behaviour, as well as help him academically. The advice transformed their family life as they learnt how to understand their children’s needs better, communicate more positively and improve their confidence.
Melissa completed the Teacher Training Programme (New Learning Centre) in 1998 and was a Parenting Facilitator there for 6 years, running parenting skills classes, workshops and parent and family consultations. She founded the Parent Practice in 2004 and since then she has led hundreds of classes. She has a Certificate in Systemic Family Therapy (Birkbeck) and is trained in NLP, Group dynamics, Non-verbal communication and Supporting Separated Families. She is the first UK Gottman Certified Educator to lead Bringing Baby Home Workshops.

Maria Hocking

Maria Hocking is a life coach, writer, inspirational speaker and motivational trainer. Known as the UK Life Changer, she regularly travels far and wide, enabling her clients to change their lives with her words. She has a huge knowledge within the fields of health, well-being and happiness and she walks her talk. Having been through challenging times herself, she uses her experiences and her learnings to help others.

Veronica Munro

Veronica Munro is an International Executive and Leadership Coach and Business Performance Facilitator and Strategic Business Advisor with over 20 years’ experience and responsibility for coaching and facilitating specifically CEOs, senior executives and their teams in over 30 countries within Africa, Asia, Middle East, Pakistan, Europe and North Americas.
She has a wide range of coaching, C-suite facilitation and leadership development expertise together with a strong background in interpersonal psychology and is certified to use a range of psychometric and leadership tools. She has a track record of outstanding delivery, strategic and operational experience, and organisational effectiveness with foundations firmly within business organisations.
Veronica spent 8 years as Head of Leadership Effectiveness (West) in Standard Chartered Bank as their Senior Leadership Coach/Facilitator within the organisation. Recently based in Dubai supporting Global, Regional and Country leaders in growing their businesses and supporting delivery of their revenue targets, she is now back in the UK and heads up LEADING MINDS Ltd, working with a range of global organisations across UK, Europe, MEPA and Africa.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown runs his own training consultancy, specializing in building leadership, team development and negotiation skills. He has been working with complex international organizations for nearly 20 years, and over that time he has met nearly 10,000 people in organisations of all shapes and sizes. This has given him an in-depth personal insight into their hopes, fears and challenges as they try to keep ahead in a rapidly evolving and increasingly dysfunctional workplace.

Before joining the training industry he gained practical experience of managing people and developing small businesses from a 14-year career at Whitbread in logistics, sales and marketing.

He was educated at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford, where he was an organ scholar.

Jane Hardy

First and foremost, Jane Hardy is quite simply just a daughter who loves her Mum. For the last four years she has devoted herself to caring for a mother with moderate Dementia and Alzheimers. Four years ago her Mum, Beth, was sad, doubly incontinent, scared and very low. In Pink Slippers, Jane shares the laughter, tears and all the things she’s learned as she’s brought her back from the edge of disappearing altogether. Today Beth is happy, secure and loved. She enjoys her life and is having fun and her memory has vastly improved, as has her quality of life.

Leanne Maskell

Leanne Maskell is a model, law graduate and activist. Having modelled since the age of 13, her first ever job appeared in Vogue UK and she has continued this success, going on to work for brands such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters and i-D Magazine. Leanne has modelled internationally since graduating from university, signed to agencies around the world, and has both experienced and witnessed exploitation within the fashion industry. Compelled to do something about this, she left her successful career in order to help build a new safe, secure way of working for freelance models, empowering them to take control of their own lives and end exploitation.

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown has been creating award-winning coaching programs for over a decade working with women across the globe.
She developed the LIPSTICK Principles as a simple set of game-changing strategies to help women decide what they want and make it happen. What is truly transformational about her approach is the core guiding principle that underpins it all: taking fear out of the driving seat and replacing it with love.

Narina Riskowitz

Narina Riskowitz works as a Transformational Therapist and Soul Coach and has developed a series of workshops and meditation courses for personal and spiritual growth. The Foundations of Mastery builds on her earlier book, Lifting the Veils of Illusions: 7 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment to take your evolution from self-development to self-mastery in this advanced yet highly practical 12-step guide to mastering mind, body and soul.