Lesley Roberts

Lesley Roberts is a business coach and adventurer. In 2000 she began a 16-year corporate career with Mars Inc spending 8 years in the commercial side of the business before moving into people development, where she brought her insights from working outdoors to her coaching work with leadership teams and executives.
In 2016, Lesley founded Brave Conversations, working with global teams and individuals to unlock their potential. In 2019 she founded Coaching Outdoors, bringing with her all she has learned about people development and leadership from her corporate career as well as working with youth at risk in the Highlands of Scotland and testing her own limits in the Clipper 11/12 Round The World Yacht Race. Her aim is to bring the many benefits of partnering with nature to as many people as possible.
Lesley holds a BEd in PE and an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business school. Her research focused on how Nature can support both coach and client. She is an EMCC Senior Practitioner and is the proud winner of the Global EMCC Coaching Award for her ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Nature as Co-Facilitator’ coaching programmes.

Lyn Bromley

Lyn Bromley has been the managing director of First Impressions Training Ltd since September 2010.
She is an experienced people manager, trainer and consultant. Her wide-ranging corporate background spans finance, training, consultancy and project management. She held senior leadership positions and has worked with clients from a whole host of industries, from financial services to law, and from SMEs to blue-chip organisations.
Donna Whitbrook is an experienced corporate consultant and people developer. Her extensive corporate background spans finance, training, consultancy, performance improvement, governance and strategy.
She has held senior management positions in banking and finance and board-level positions in the public and third sectors.
Lyn and Donna have a real belief in the work they promote. They are passionate about developing leaders and helping businesses to transform the performance of their individuals and teams, enabling them to reflect their organisation’s brand vision and values and deliver world-class service to their valued clients.

Celia Gaze

Celia left a senior role in the NHS after frustration and work-related stress made her question her life and became the springboard to start her own business.
Over the next few years she transformed a neglected hill farm in Bolton into a multi award-winning wedding and events venue – The Wellbeing Farm.
She unites savvy business understanding with a passion for self-development that can’t fail to inspire you to transform your own life.

Ginny Carter

Ginny Carter is a nonfiction book ghostwriter and writing coach. She’s ghosted books on a wide variety of topics, from HR to phobias, some of which have been taken on by major publishing houses. They all have one thing in common: they’re bringing their authors visibility, credibility, and bookability. She’s also the author of the award-winning e-book The Business Book Outline Builder, which lays out the five key steps for creating the perfect outline.

Communication has always been Ginny’s thing – she worked in marketing for 21 years, including 3 years as a freelance social media manager. By posting and tweeting on behalf of her clients she learned how gifted she was at capturing their voices. So she decided to put her natural writing ability to more substantial use and help them write their books instead.

Louise Lloyd

Louise Lloyd is a mindset and wellbeing coach. Through speaking engagements, coaching, and The Inspired Zone Podcast, she helps people to hack stress, limits, and lifestyles. Louise is on a mission to stop stress and fear getting in the way of people realising their potential.

From CEOs and business owners to coders, scientists and PAs, her practical and effective approach helps people to overcome the challenges they face. She leads sessions for global senior leadership programmes, helping leaders to maintain presence and focus amidst pressure.

Having ridden for Great Britain during her career as a professional event rider, Louise knows what it takes to handle pressure and to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs, and her background in teaching yoga, meditation and breath practices informs her understanding of the simple and transformational tools that she shares today.

She has helped thousands of people to overcome fear, anxiety and limiting mindsets, enabling them to take back control of their life and go for their dreams.

Philip Levinson

Philip Levinson has over 35 years of experience in the global real estate sector, including 5 years as CEO of 2 SGX listed companies. He is a mentor to CEOs, an occasional commentator on REITs and an Officer in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve.

Nick Suckley

Nick Suckley is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs in digital media.

Over a 20-year period, Nick has launched four digital specialist businesses and sold three of them, most recently his multi-award-winning digital media consultancy, Agenda21, to Be Heard Group Plc for £12m.

Early on, he launched Media21 as one of the UK’s first digital media agencies and sold it to Grey London at the height of the dot-com boom just 18 months after its formation.

He was a founding investor in digital creative hot shop Glue London (which sold to Aegis Group in 2005 for £14m) and he launched and incubated DataShaka, an analytics software business where he was instrumental in securing several rounds of VC funding from Seedcloud Ventures.

Nowadays, Nick is a much sought-after consultant for media and technology entrepreneurs and C-level executives, advising them on opportunistic corporate build strategies and how to avoid the costly mistakes frequently associated with rapid growth and a changing marketplace.

Alicia Eaton

Alicia Eaton is a well-established Harley Street therapist who specialises in children’s emotional wellbeing. Her unique blend of psychology and practical parenting advice makes her the number one choice for parents seeking help for their children’s problems. From anxiety, fears and phobias to thumb-sucking, nail-biting, bedwetting and sleep problems, Alicia helps parents steer their children on the right path.
Originally a Montessori teacher, Alicia ran her own school for five years, then went on to train at The Anna Freud Centre. She followed this up by qualifying as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist as well as going on to train in NLP with Paul McKenna and assisting him with his seminars for over 7 years.

Donna Whitbrook

Donna Whitbrook is an experienced corporate consultant, people developer and coach.
Her extensive corporate background spans finance, training, consultancy, performance improvement, governance and strategy.
She has held senior positions in Banking and Finance and Board level positions in the Public and Third Sectors. Her key strengths being turn around of underperformance, service delivery and relationship management.
Donna is passionate about helping businesses to transform the performance of individuals and teams enabling them to reflect the brand values of the organisation and to create outstanding customer service.
She believes that, in today’s world of work, being competent and doing a really good job is simply not enough. Today we have to have the ability to create impact and maximise our personal presence in order to be positively memorable. Being a brand ambassador for our business and being able to engage with others confidently in order to build successful, professional relationships is key to outstanding performance.

Karen Skidmore

Karen Skidmore has achieved what most coaches and consultants feel is impossible; to create a profitable, flexible and fun business which enables her to run an international coaching and consulting business around her family, health and wellbeing.

Karen resigned from her corporate career in 2004 to start up on her own on the same day her eldest daughter started school and never looked back. Over the past 14 years, she has created a variety of scalable income streams and run her business on a number of different coaching business models, including a hugely successful membership site, created and sold dozens of different online courses and group programmes, with prices ranging from £30 to £15,000.

Her mission is to give every small business owner a plan and a process to grow their business, without burning out along the way.