Jude Jennison

Jude Jennison is a leadership author, international speaker and pioneer of Leadership with Horses, helping leaders to develop their non-verbal communication, self-awareness and emotional resilience. She works with executive boards, senior leaders and entrepreneurs to develop embodied leadership skills and create behavioural change. She combines 16 years’ senior leadership experience in IBM with executive leadership, coaching and team development skills, as well as the unusual approach of working with a herd of horses to help leaders become more confident in leading through the uncertainty of our time.

Lucy Harrison

Lucy Harrison is the founder of leadership consultancy the Harrison Network, delivering training and coaching in organisational development with a focus on human-centred leadership.
Having spent 15 years solving problems for organisations and people, one day she found a problem she couldn’t solve. Her husband, a paramedic, was demonstrating symptoms of PTSD and depression and she couldn’t fix it. Every time she tried to ‘help’, she made things worse.
Over time, Lucy discovered the power of choosing how she showed up to these conversations and then listening fully; the power of soft skills. The results were astonishing.
She has since identified the framework she used and taught it to others, stress-testing it with leaders in tough industry situations, from boardroom to shop floor and from nuclear engineers to emergency services. To date this simple framework has already improved connection, communication and engagement for hundreds of people, and in a recent 5-month leadership course, 70% of participants named it as one of their top three takeaways.
Lucy speaks at local and national conferences, and has recently produced cross-sector research for the Nuclear Institute as well as independently.

Rose Cleaver-Emons

Ruth Cleaver-Emons is a Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy and a Master coach, as well as running the Northwest Vibrant Networking region and working as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne.

Graham Eisner

Graham Eisner has devoted 30 years to understanding the power of client referrals for businesses. In his ten years as a private client salesperson at Goldman Sachs he developed a methodology for referrals from clients, internal partners and intermediaries that made him one of their most successful sales professionals. He developed a training programme which he ran for three years at Goldman Sachs, and since then has worked as a referrals consultant and trainer, teaching his system to thousands of professional salespeople for clients such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Julius Baer, Northern Trust, Seven Investment Management and other leading brands.

He understands first-hand all the myths around referrals, and the mindsets that hold people back from asking and following up. He’s now put his unique and powerful system into a book so that every business can access it.

Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams is on a mission to help organisations bring their human resources departments into the 21st century. Through her agency, Disruptive HR, she aims to provoke the HR community into creating new ways to support businesses in today’s complex and ambiguous world. In doing so she challenges leaders and HR professionals to learn from sources as varied as management theory, consumer organisations, marketing, neuroscience, and the latest thinking on motivation and reward. She also addresses how businesses can deal with public scrutiny, and advises them on leadership and change.

Lucy was HR director at the BBC during one of its most turbulent periods. Responsible for all aspects of employee relations, reward, training, and development, she also reduced the corporation’s management by over 30%. In her five-year tenure Lucy witnessed four director generals come and go, oversaw the move to the Salford site, and coped with numerous and very public crises, including executive payoffs and the Savile scandal.

Prior to working at the BBC Lucy was group HR director at Serco, the government services organisation; this came after a period working for the law firm Eversheds.

Along with her business partner, Lucy runs workshops and consults on many topics within the HR arena. She specialises in helping HR and other business professionals to step back from their old assumptions about motivating people and to see more creative and effective ways of engaging employees.

Mac Macartney

Mac Macartney has a foot in several worlds. He is the founder of the inspirational social enterprise, Embercombe, an international speaker, writer, and leadership consultant. Mentored by a group of Native American teachers over a period of twenty years, he made a pledge to do all he could to re-kindle an ancient indigenous teaching known as The Children’s Fire wherever he found, or could create, the opportunity to exert influence. Mac is the author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul: The invisible path to authentic leadership, and has published many articles on sustainability, leadership, and spirituality. He was presented with the Enlightened Society Award by Sakjong Mipham Rinpoche in 2013 and in 2015 was awarded an honorary doctorate in Education from Plymouth University.

Eloise Skinner

Born on an East London council estate, having studied at Cambridge and Oxford, and now an author, teacher, and entrepreneur, Eloise Skinner – over-achieving, formerly purposeless millennial – is well-placed to write on this topic. Over seven years she undertook a personal purpose-finding project, and now, having crafted and tailored her own life to reflect her values, identity and sense of purpose, she shares the lessons she learned in this book.

During her own journey, she trained for a year as a monk, as part of a small community run by the Archbishop of Canterbury, exploring the topic of individual purpose. She also trained in Logotherapy (also known as ‘existential analysis’), the therapeutic approach based on the work of Viktor Frankl that emphasizes the need to find meaning and purpose in life. Eloise incorporates its practical tools and techniques here.

Eloise holds qualifications in meditation and mindfulness, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, massage and ballet (as well as that triple First Class Law degree from Cambridge University). The combination gives her writing a holistic, integrated approach – balancing body, mind and soul.

Her first book, the Junior Lawyers’ Handbook (The Law Society, 2019) was described as a ‘must-have guide for all junior lawyers’, and in 2020 she was named as one of the University of Law’s ‘Pioneers’ for her work advocating for an emphasis on wellbeing and purpose in the legal profession. She has a strong presence on social media and hosts her own podcast.

Above all, she is passionate about living life fully – about intentionally creating and designing everyday life, and doing so with a sense of purpose.

Adrian Pyne

A project professional for over 30 years, Adrian Pyne has led change in 11 industries and in the public sector, in the UK and abroad. The author of books on programme management and agile governance and assurance, he has contributed to the evolution of programme, portfolio and PMO standards and is a regular speaker, visiting lecturer, blogger and researcher.

Julie Dennis

Julie Dennis specialises in practical and natural solutions for controlling menopause symptoms and has helped 1000s of women through her popular online programme the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge and her bespoke VIP work.

She is an experienced speaker and has been quoted in the Telegraph magazine Stella, featured on Psychologies Life Labs and was published as part of the Guardian campaign to raise awareness around menopause in 2016.

Julie was prescribed HRT following a hysterectomy in her early 30s and assumed this was a ‘cure’ for menopause.

In search of new challenges following an early corporate career she qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She focused on working with older women and soon discovered one of their key concerns was controlling menopause symptoms. She embarked on extensive research in the field and was shocked to discover HRT was a ‘band aid’, not a cure, and took the big decision to wean herself off it.

Menopause symptoms knocked her for six: hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats and brain freeze all appeared in quick succession. She felt like she was losing her mind.

With the help of a menopause mentor Julie was gradually able to put in place the changes that enabled her to get back on track with her health and business, and since then she has devoted herself to helping women manage this vitally important but little talked-about life stage.

Michel Masquelier

Michel Masquelier is the former chairman of IMG Media, part of the largest sports management agency and a fortune 500 company.

Masquelier spent 35 years at the heart of the sports industry, working with organizations like the Olympic games, Wimbledon and the Premier League.

His work has brought him into contact with some of the most famous athletes in history, CEOs of blue-chip companies, as well as some of the pioneers of the media industry.

Having graduated with a degree in Law from university in Belgium, he moved to London to work his way up the ladder at IMG from intern to chairman. He built a worldwide team that shook up business of sport, with revolutionary commercial concepts and innovative business models.

One of the most charismatic, influential and respected figures in the industry, he now takes on the role of advisor to governing bodies, media organizations and private equity firms. Michel is still a compulsive networker, but his passion has shift to stimulating education, especially amongst future generations.

In the same spirit of innovation and disruption, he is involved in philanthropic projects, motivational speaking and development of educational programs for young executives. He is married with three children and lives in Switzerland.