Geoff Robins

Geoff Robins, BSc, Ph.D
Geoff was educated at Liverpool University, where he studied Physics. After an early career working for the UK Government, Geoff turned to the private sector, operating and leading technical consulting organizations ranging from SMEs to a major portfolio within a UK Plc. Along the way Geoff was involved in the acquisition and sale of a range of different organisations including two management buy outs. Latterly Geoff was the Transformation Director for two major Government organizations, both of which employed thousands of staff throughout the UK and overseas. He is now a strategic advisor and Non-Executive Director to a number organizations in sectors that are high growth and fast moving

Away from work Geoff has a passion for sport and has been responsible for the management and growth in the participation and engagement of volunteers to achieve exceptional outcomes through collective endeavours. This experience has been invaluable in his working life in terms of getting buy-in and motivating people to go the extra mile.

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