Alise Cortez PhD

Dr. Alise Cortez is a management consultant specializing in meaning and purpose, host of Working on Purpose radio, inspirational speaker, and author. She earned a PhD in Human Development, launching herself as a social scientist through her dissertation research investigating the relationship between meaning in work and identity, and later greatly expanded the inquiry to yield 15 Modes of Engagement. Dr. Cortez developed her expertise within the Human Capital / Organizational Excellence industry over the last 20 years and has helped develop and transform thousands of managers and executives in their leadership along the way.

Today as Chief Purpose Officer at Dr. Alise Cortez and Associates, she is focused on enabling organizations to lead from purpose and create cultures of meaning that inspire impassioned performance, meaningful engagement and fulfillment, while encouraging a devoted stay within the organization. She also helps companies Visioneer for a Purposeful Future by facilitating meaningful exchange among all stakeholders for a common, desired strategic future. For individuals, Dr. Cortez facilitates an online global community and various retreats to enable people hungry for a more meaningful and purposeful life to discover and create it for themselves.