Deb Mashek on The Business of Being Brilliant podcast

‘I mentioned I’m from Nebraska, so I like a good farm metaphor. If my wagon is hitched to your ill mannered horses, whether I like it or not, that’s a miserable existence! I’m going to be stressed out, I’m going to be carrying that stress home. And it’s when you have that low relationship quality combined with this really high interdependence that you get collaborHATE.’

Deb Mashek, author of Collabor(h)ate, is a guest The Business of Being Brilliant podcast with Helen Beedham.

TBoBB S4 E1 Deb Mashek

I talk with Dr. Debra Mashek, social psychologist, expert on the science of close relationships and author of Collabor(h)ate: how to build incredibly collaborative relationships at work even if you’d rather work alone. Collaboration might sound a familiar concept but in practice it can be at best a mystery and at worst a minefield that trips us and our businesses up with costly and lasting consequences.