Category: Business, Entrepreneurship
Publication date: October 16, 2017
Extent: 296 pages

The Invisible Revolution

Join the empowered Mumpreneurs: Inspiration, insights & practical advice to build a business you love

Nicola Huelin


Without question, this book is for you if you’re a mum who wants to build a successful business around the family life you love.
Written especially for mums by Nicola Huelin, a mum and award-winning business coach and mentor, The Invisible Revolution is an inspirational and practical handbook bringing you precious insights, inspiration and real-world advice on how to start, grow and sustain a successful business – without compromising your quality of family life, health or sanity. Discover the 14 Pillars of Empowered Success every mum in business needs. Join Nicola and a whole host of incredibly successful Mumpreneurs to discover how the women of the Invisible Revolution are carving out a new blueprint for business, achieving a new definition of success and creating a world-changing legacy for their children.
Learn what it really takes to turn your dream business into reality.
“Nicola has written the essential handbook that every Mumpreneur should read. Inspiring, insightful and packed full of strategies to help us all achieve our dreams.” Jo Davison, founder of Blue Cow Global
“These real-life stories straight from the heart inspire mums everywhere.” Dame Mary Perkins, Co-founder of Specsavers,
“I believe reading this book will give you the courage to begin… and the courage to succeed.” Lucy Piper, Presenter
The Invisible Revolution is a truly inspiring read – full of practical tools, resources, insight and examples to help you on your Mumpreneur journey.” Lucy Griffin-Stiff, founder of Starting Conversations
About the Author Nicola Huelin is a multi-award winning business coach and mentor, founder of Mpower for mums in business, inspirational speaker and author with over 20 years’ experience in combining business success with family life.


Amazon reviews:

‘Invisible Revolution is a deeply personal, inspiring and practical guide for Mumpreneurs looking to build a life of success. Nicola Huelin is a pioneer in the Mumpreneur space and this book is a pleasure to read.

The warmth of vulnerability and generosity is etched into each chapter. There’s a down-to-earth flavour to Nicola’s advice that could be missing given her own superb career success. I suggest all mums grab themselves a copy – Invisible Revolution is making visible an army of amazing mumpreneurs.’ DMD

‘This book feels like having a wise friend on your shoulder encouraging you on your Mumpreneur journey. Really useful tools and tips plus tons of inspiration.
A great book to pick up if you’re ever doubting yourself or finding it tough in your first stages of business. It’s just the pep talk you need to get you started and keep going in business.’ Lucy

‘I bought this book after hearing Nicola speak at an event and can honestly say that reading it has made a massive impact on my outlook on life. The book is full of useful steps to coach yourself to achieving your dreams through practical advice. The testimonials from other mums in business were particularly empowering, including Nicola’s slant on what success really looks like. I’ve recommended the book to several friends, even ones with no intention of starting up!’ Suzy Nairne

‘An amazing book I’d recommend to every mumpreneur.’

‘Brilliantly written book. As a founder of a business and life coach I thought this book offered excellent advice all round. Cannot wait for your next book!’

‘This book is a must read for every business owner, not only Mums… It is structured, insightful and inspiring in many ways. You will have valuable tools that will help you to start and more importantly how to market your business; as Nicola is a marketing genious!
If you haven’t run a business before and need sound advice, look no further than The Invisible Revolution…’

‘I absolutely love this book!! I work with a team of mums and I recommended it to all of them. This is a must read if you are a mum in business or if you think about starting your own business. So many golden nuggets!! I couldn’t put the book down. I have read a plethora of books before and the Invisible Revolution is truly unique… It is my Magical book.’

‘I have just finished reading this book and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Not only does the author give a ton of very savvy professional advice she also talks about the important stuff we women are never told about. How to take care of ourselves, how to negotiate motherhood with our careers, what matters really in the long run….I wish someone had given me this book when I graduated, and working with the advice would have spared me so many mishaps. She is caring, genuine, honest and very very good at what she does and that’s what the book reflects. This book should be read by all women and especially the young women entering the work place now so that they learn that they are enough and that they can be successful without having to be someone else. It is clear that the author is the best proof of that!’

‘This book is the equivalent of your very own warm, friendly Mentor! Nicola writes from the heart, shares her personal and considerable experience with reader, providing inspiration and a guide for those family women wanting to start out on their entrepreneurial journey. If you’re thinking about starting your own business and are not sure where to start then make the best beginning by joining Nicola’s Invisible Revolution!’

‘Being a mum in business, I was really excited about reading this book, and it didn’t disappoint. Fantastic tips and advice about how to build a successful business without sacrificing yourself and your family. A must read for any mumpreneur!’


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I want to share a secret with you…

My golden ribbon moment

Why I wrote this book

Who am I?

All mothers are equal

How you can get the most out of this book

Section 1 – The Invisible Revolution

What is the Invisible Revolution?

Why so invisible?

Mumpreneur: Mum in business or jam maker?

What does an empowered Mumpreneur look like?

The Yin & Yang of business success

Building a business from your 20% zone

Section 2 – The Inner Revolution: Finding your wings

What are you listening to?

The leap of faith

Finding your wings

Are you ready?

The seven Inner Pillars

Pillar 1 – Purpose & Passion

Pillar 2 – Pioneering Vision

Pillar 3 – Performance Mindset

Pillar 4 – Powerful Beliefs

Pillar 5 – Purposeful Action

Pillar 6 – Personal Values

Pillar 7 – (Im)perfect Authenticity

Section 3 – The Collective Revolution: Making it happen

Emerge & converge

The seven Collective Pillars

Pillar 8 – Pareto Plan

Pillar 9 – People Power

Pillar 10 – Productive Marketing & Sales

Pillar 11 – Priceless Platform

Pillar 12 – Personal Learning & Growth

Pillar 13 – Persistent Sustainability

Pillar 14 – Posiripple Profits

Section 4 – The Universal Revolution: Transforming the future

A renewed sharing

A new legacy

A renewed creativity

Let the journey begin…



Paperback / 9781910056615 / October 16, 2017 / £14.99

Ebook / 9781910056769 / October 16, 2017 / £7.99

Paperback and eBook Bundle / £16.99


Nicola Huelin

Nicola Huelin is a multi-award winning women’s business coach and mentor, inspirational speaker and author with over 20 years in business, combining corporate experience as an executive and senior business consultant within multiple industries (telecommunications, IT, public sector, education, hospitality) and 12 years as an entrepreneur, freelance and small business owner.
Nicola holds an Honours degree in business economics with a specialism in marketing from Southampton University and postgraduate qualifications in business, change and project management, and was an approved Marketing Advisor on the government’s Business Growth Voucher programme.
A registered AMAC coach (Associate member) with the Association for Coaching, Nicola is a fully qualified Small Business Coach and Personal Transformation Life Coach, and holds a diploma in Small Business Coaching, Group Coaching and Personal Transformation Coaching from the Animas Centre for coaching, London. All coaching training fully accredited and recognised by The International Coach Federation, The Institute of Leadership Management and The Complementary Therapists Association.
Trusted for her expertise, caring and down to earth approach and holistic philosophy when defining and achieving success, as well as having combined a successful career and business success with raising a family, Nicola has become a highly sought-after women’s business coach and mentor to other mums in business and is on a personal mission to empower one million mums in business
Founder of the UK network of Mpower Mastermind groups and the Mpower online business community, Nicola’s work has been featured on international TV, and has received multiple awards, including:
– Mentor of the year – Business Women Excellence Awards – Sussex Edition 2016, Winner
– Best Parent in Business (London & South East), Mumandworking awards, 2016 (in last 5, results Oct 2016)
– Most Empowering Coach/Mentor, Women are B.E.S.T. awards, Winner 2015
– Best Supporting Business, National MumpreneurUK business awards, Finalist 2015
– Best New Business, Women in Sussex awards, Winner 2014
Nicola is regularly asked to share her business expertise and her inspirational personal story to audiences internationally, for example the Women Empowerment Global Summit at the European Sustainability Academy in Crete, London Summit for changemakers, women’s business networks, European business schools, Mums Enterprise Roadshows around the UK and The Work and Family Show (Excel London).
Nicola is currently preparing a TED talk on the growing power of Mumpreneurs within the UK economy.