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Publication date: January 30, 2024

The Brave Leader

More courage. Less fear. Better decisions for inclusive leadership.

David McQueen


Your business needs you to be brave when it comes to inclusion. David McQueen has coached leaders across all sectors to step up to inclusive leadership, transforming their processes, policies and ways of working to support diversity and reap the rewards.

Many leaders are terrified of doing the wrong thing, so they do nothing. That is not an option. Discover how to think strategically about problem-solving and decision-making so that you embed inclusivity in your organization, no matter the pace of change you face, and future-proof your talent management, product development, customer experience and more.

David McQueen is a leadership coach, international speaker and facilitator. He is the cofounder of professional development company Q Squared Ltd, the host of The BRAVE Leader podcast and a blogger on all things leadership and culture change.




Part 1: WHAT Chapter 1. Defining Leadership & Followership – Setting the tone for what I mean by leadership and how it is distinct from management. Also addressing the often neglected followership and why that is just as important. What I have been doing in the leadership space with companies. Being ok to explore both good and bad leadership as well

Chapter 2. What is inclusive leadership – Defining inclusive leadership and the reasons why it is something that has to be embedded within a company’s culture across all leadership levels in order to work. How my approach is not limited by conversation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Explore why some inclusion programmes don’t work and what practitioners are doing to improve it

Chapter 3. The BRAVE Model™ – My coaching model for inclusive leadership. Explaining the five pillars of Bold, Resilient, Agile, Visionary and Ethical me and the team use as starting point for our coaching and facilitation. Using case studies and the thinking behind this model.

Part 2: WHY Chapter 4. Decision Making & Problem Solving – The tools we help leaders to make better decisions and solve problems which are systemic and inclusive.

Chapter 5. Strategic Thinking as Practice – Referring back to things like #MeToo, Covid, BLM and other Black Swan events that made me double down on the idea of BRAVE Leadership through the lens of strategic thinking. Exploring why strategic thinking is important to have as an inclusive leadership tool, long before a crisis hits

Chapter 6. Leadership as a system – Rethinking leadership as part of a systems thinking approach as opposed to the individual hero. Demonstrating how clients have had to use this approach for their leadership. Referencing some of the thinking / research behind systems thinking

Part 3: HOW Chapter 7. Mapping Inclusion – How inclusive leadership is mapped across all areas of a functioning business from Product to Customer Experience, Finance to Marketing, Board Development to Talent Experience and Engagement.

Chapter 8. The Coaching Advantage – Demonstrating what role coaching is used by external and internal coaching. Using BRAVE and other complimentary coaching models and tools to help leaders across the organisation

Chapter 9. Lead by Example – Inclusive leadership starts with self awareness and habits and practices that can be passed on to others.

Chapter 10. Team Building & Resistance – Building teams through experimentation and using existing research on how inclusive teams can thrive. Exploring how to leverage power and influence within teams but also how to tackle resistance

Chapter 11. BRAVE Climate. BRAVE Culture – Coming full circle on how organisations can lean on theories and models from organisational design to explore company climates and cultures and then how that understanding can be used to implement and imbed inlcusive leadership.

Chapter 12. Measuring Impact – We explore how the impact of inclusive leadership can be measured. Giving people the space to see what works for their organisations and the ways of measuring it.

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David McQueen

David McQueen is a leadership coach, international speaker and facilitator. He is the cofounder of professional development company Q Squared Ltd, the host of The BRAVE Leader podcast and a blogger on all things leadership and culture change

David’s work has taken him all over the world working in both profit and non-profit sectors. His clients include Aviva, JP Morgan, Bloomberg, Google, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, Tate and Lyle and UnLtd. He is also a 3x TEDx speaker and a TED Fellow.