Category: Outdoor skills
Publication date: October 22, 2013
Extent: 20000 pages

Eat the Beach

A Guide to the Edible Seashore

Fraser Christian

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Eat the Beach is a uniquely informative, practical guide to coastal foraging, essential for anyone interested in survival skills or just wanting to get more out of messing about in rock pools.
Fraser Christian runs the UK’s only specialist Coastal Survival School. He is a fully qualified chef who has led courses for the famous River Cottage and now regularly forages for some of the UK’s top Michelin restaurants. In this book he shares his expertise on safety, particularly with regard to weather and tides, techniques for fishing from the shore, finding, identifying and cooking sea plants (including seaweed) and shellfish, and takes the reader step by step through the process of building a clam oven for the ultimate beach feast.
Essential reading for anyone likely to be wild camping by the seashore, or who wants to be equipped for any survival situation (the Coastal Survival School was formed in response to requests from those who found themselves in just such a situation after the 2004 tsunami). The seashore is a rich source of food: this book teaches anyone how to collect it, catch it, prepare it, cook it and enjoy it.

“This book is written so anyone who wants to know about living by the coast, with information and advice any coastal dweller should know (and I didn’t).
Useful for foragers, bushcraft types, survivalist enthusiasts, preppers or just folks that want to expand knowledge.
Simply presented and easy to read and understand.”

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Paperback 9781910056035 October 22, 2013 £14.99
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