The Thriving Giver

“Health care professionals and those who take care of others should read this outstanding book!” – Dr. Richard Gillett, psychiatrist and bestselling author of It’s a Freakin’ Mess

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” – Dr. Sarah Eagger, consultant psychiatrist and co-author of Stillness in the Storm

How to balance your own self-care with the needs of others

As a helping professional, caregiver, or someone who puts others first, it is so easy to ignore your own needs. Becoming physically run-down, emotionally burned-out, and spiritually depleted can result in frustration and anxiety – even disillusionment.
Sarah Kuipers knows this all too well. She ran a successful health practice for over 20 years. The combined pressure of work and bringing up three boys as a single parent finally led to debilitating burnout.

Sarah was curious about why so many people, including health professionals, fail to manage stress and practice self-care. She completed a Masters in Research on stress and burnout, and now teaches stress management to medical students.

Caring for others starts with caring for yourself

This timely and practical book encourages you to create a life in which you thrive. Only then can you give your best to the world each day.

The Thriving Giver helps you create a personalised toolkit of self-care skills and practical resources to:

  • Reduce stress and calm anxiety
  • Prevent work stress leaching into home life
  • Replenish energy
  • Release emotional distress to shift your mindset
  • Reignite enthusiasm for work

This user-friendly book offers:

  • Simple, doable steps
  • Short chapters with anecdotes to explain key concepts
  • Signposts so you can cherry-pick the chapters you need

Begin reading The Thriving Giver, and in just a few minutes a day you will learn effective new ways to nurture your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. When you thrive, your giving is sustainable.

Why Weren’t We Taught This at School?

A beautifully simple guide to the relationship skills we all so deeply need, but most of us don’t know how to access. This book belongs firmly on the curriculum for creating a more peaceful world.
Dr Scilla Elworthy, three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee

This book is a tool box. Keep it close at hand and dip in often.
Jim Carter OBE and Imelda Staunton CBE, actors

Brilliant, easy to understand, and applies with equal force in personal and professional contexts.
Sharif Shivji QC, barrister specialising in commercial law

Why weren’t we taught this at school? introduces Needs Understanding, a fresh approach for finding creative solutions and building relationships at home and at work. It’s based on one simple idea: we’re all on a quest to meet our underlying human needs – such as belonging, knowing we matter, and fun.

Whether you are trying to make a tricky decision, communicate more effectively, parent the way you want to, or make a difference in the world, Needs Understanding can help.

  • Understand the ‘fingerprint needs’ that drive your behaviour
  • Discover 10 ways you listen that alienate other people, and what to do instead
  • Stop blaming yourself and others, and fix what’s going on underneath
  • Find creative solutions to difficult problems by ‘walking around the mountain’
  • Empower yourself to change the world.

Alice Sheldon is the creator of Needs Understanding and shares it globally with individuals and organizations.

Leading Lawyers

“The beauty of the ABCDE model and toolkit is that it is simple but not simplistic, it’s user-friendly and works in practice.”
Joanne Gubbay, Former Head of Learning and Development, Slaughter and May

Lead your team of lawyers to new heights with this tried-and-tested toolkit, based on 25 years’ practical experience of getting the best out of lawyers.

Leading Lawyers distils 25 years of experience at helping people do just that into one easy-to-read practical toolkit. Based on the successful ABCDE methodology, this guide will help you identify your natural leadership style, identify the various needs and personalities in your team of lawyers, and align everything to become a truly impactful and supportive leader.

Packed with real-life inspiring examples, ready-made tools and memorable tips, Leading Lawyers will help you reflect on your own communication preferences, and use what you learn to get different stakeholders and different personalities on board.

From scoping the project with a client to reviewing progress and success, from on-boarding a new team member to tackling a stubborn problem, there are examples each step of the way and opportunities to plan how to use the approach in practice, so you can become an even more effective team leader.

The Strengths-Based Organization

Every leader cares about inclusivity, wellbeing and performance. For technical organizations these issues are especially acute: in the least diverse sectors, with every-increasing issues around mental health and resilience, companies need to realize continuous gains in performance and productivity to stay ahead,or even just to stay in the game,in a fiercely competitive space. How can leaders square the circle?This book will show you how to build a Strengths-Based Organization: an organization which is based on the scientific understanding of what helps individuals to flourish and organizations to reap the benefits.

The world changes fast, but the core nature of people remains constant even in times of massive upheaval. Hutchinson and Brown describe the strengths-based approach as a ‘gold mine’. So too is this book, full of valuable insights, practical advice and powerful examplesDr Jolyon Maddocks, author of Emotional Intelligence at Work

The challenge of how to work in a way that makes people feel included, well and able to perform at their best becomes ever more important, both for individuals and for organizations.

This approach is about working with business as usual and experimenting with small changes, which can result in big outcomes. Whether you work for yourself, a small company, or a large corporate organization, the strengths approach can be applied to everything you do.

Just Ask!

‘A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising’ – Mark Zuckerberg

The fastest, easiest, most sustainable way to bring in new clients and grow sales is to ask for referrals from your network; clients, intermediaries, family, friends, and existing and former colleagues. And yet most sales professionals don’t ask, or if they do, they end up making themselves and their client feel awkward.

Graham Eisner has spent 30 years understanding the mindset and methods behind asking for referrals. His 7-step plan helps salespeople understand their own reluctance, change their mindset, and apply practical techniques so they can ask in a way that’s both natural and effective.

From preparation before the meeting and identifying the ‘bridge line’ to qualifying the referral and managing the response, each step is supported by worksheets and summaries to help you put the principles into action today, so that you can start growing your sales and your business immediately.

Graham became one of Goldman Sachs’s most successful sales professionals by developing a powerful referrals methodology, and he now teaches his system to clients worldwide, including Barclays, Julius Baer, and Deutsche Bank, as well as smaller businesses.

Own Your Day

Are you a manager, stuck in between pressure from senior leadership and needs from your team? Do you sometimes feel that you’ve been robbed of your power, your influence… and your ability to actually achieve anything?! It’s time to Own Your Day.

If you’re a hard-pressed manager, this practical and purposeful collection of simple tools and techniques will empower you to translate the strategy from the top into real results on the ground. Based on working experience from hundreds of organizations, Own Your Day uses an easy-to-apply mix of real-life case studies and specific guidance to help you adapt what you’ve learned to your own circumstances – all grounded in solid primary research from expert authors. Covering the full range of day-to-day challenges and issues, this book includes:

– Balancing the needs of strategy and delivery

The importance of prep vs planning

– Developing and using your influence

– Getting the best out of yourself and the people around you

– Being your authentic self

– Implementing change successfully

Don’t get stuck in the middle – reclaim your autonomy, step into your authority, and Own Your Day.

Hype Yourself


Hype Yourself is an invaluable toolkit for getting you and your business featured in the media: newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Crammed full of insider advice, from the building blocks of your PR strategy to the execution of creative campaigns, it includes expert tips from journalists and industry specialists and is supported by a stack of online resources.

Lucy Werner is founder of The Wern, a PR & branding consultancy and training hub for startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands. She is also a writer, speaker, blogger, teacher and podcaster on all things brand building for small businesses. For more information follow @wernchat or visit

The Disruption Game Plan

Disruption is everywhere: it presents both great opportunities and significant threats.Do you know how to shape your strategy to respond?What if you had a game plan to navigate disruption?

The Disruption Game Plan presents a tried and tested framework to help senior leaders think differently about disruptive trends and emergent risks, and to act differently when making decisions; joining up thinking on innovation, risk, sustainability and strategy.
By revealing how we can more effectively deal with challenging business environments, it shows you how to go beyond a short-term, fire-fighting response, and instead set out to ‘change the game’.
This practical and easy-to-read book is supported by online content including videos, models, tips, blog posts and much more on

The Long Win

‘Powerful and profound.’ – Matthew Syed

‘Anyone interested in motivation should read this book and think deeply.’ – Margaret Heffernan

***Selected as one of the Financial Times’s Best Business Books of 2020!***

In this fascinating examination of our widespread obsession with winning, Cath Bishop draws on her personal experience of high-performance environments to trace the idea of winning through history, language and thought to explore how it has come to be a defining concept in fields from sport to business, from politics to education. Faced with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, Cath offers a new, broader approach – The Long Win.

Cath competed as a rower at three Olympic Games, becoming the first British woman to win the World Championships and an Olympic medal in the coxless pairs event. As a senior diplomat, Cath worked on policy and negotiations, specializing in stabilization policy for conflict-affected parts of the world. In business, Cath has acted as a coach and consultant, advising on team and leadership development and organizational culture, and teaches on the Executive Education Faculty at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

In this book she brings that extraordinary mix of experience to examine what winning has come to mean to society and to us as individuals and offers a fresh perspective on how we might redefine success – personal and professional – for the longer-term.

‘Looking at life from a different point of view is a rare skill. Built on in-depth research and broad experience as well as original thought, this book will change your outlook on everything.’ – Clare Balding OBE

‘This book is so relevant, timely and exciting for any person or organization wanting to investigate what success means to them. It couldn’t be a more relevant book right now and Cath’s exceptional ability in so many areas of life make it a gripping read with a lot of key takeaways whatever your area of interest. I wish every leader could immediately read this book as the world would be a better place if they did!’ – Goldie Sayers, Olympic Medallist in the Javelin, Coach

‘I love this book. It is a must-read for educators, business executives, policy makers, politicians and indeed anyone who wants to understand why we need a new narrative around winning and success. We need a lot more Long-Win Thinking in our homes, businesses and institutions and Cath’s book is the place to go to find out why – and how we get there.’ – Dame Helena Morrissey

Because I Can

From special duties selection to an earthquake on the side of Mount Everest, from a gunfight in Afghanistan to a year of endurance challenges, Tim Bradshaw has had to develop a toolkit of tips and skills to help him learn new skills fast, recruit specialist teams and raise finances.What’s remarkable is that he achieved these feats in the face of imposter syndrome and depression. Tim’s mantra is ‘Because I can’, because whatever you’re facing, you can do so much more than you think. This is a toolkit to help you achieve any goal and be more effective in any situation, whether you’re making an attempt on Everest or making a presentation to the Board.
Discover how to:

  • Use intelligence not information
  • Approach problems form an entirely different perspective.
  • Focus on an outcome not a process
  • Develop a toolkit not a mindset!