Paul Gaskin

Paul Gaskin is a senior global HR leader and stutterer. At 17 he made a life-changing decision not to be defined by his stutter. He stopped all treatments to ‘fix’ him and began his own journey to become so much more than his stutter. Along the way he drew lessons from psychology, neuroscience, sport and business to find tools to help him succeed.

He progressed for 20 years in the Aerospace industry and business consulting before finding his passion in Leadership, Human Resource Management and International working. Most recently he was part of a global leadership team as the Divisional HR Director of a £2bn pa international organisation, employing 35,000 cross 10 countries.

Drawing on his life experiences and learning, Paul has created a unique and practical self-help book to help anyone who stutters to create, live and love the life they really want. One step at a time.

Books by Paul Gaskin

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