Nina Farr

Nina Farr is a Leadership Coach for lone parents, living in Exeter, Devon, UK. A coach, author and TEDx speaker, Nina has been a passionate advocate for families just like hers. Complicated, reworked and a little bit wonky. Mother to three, Nina loves children but knows how hard work parenting can be. Especially when you throw in the complexities of a family that has or is changing shape.
Nina founded her coaching company as a lone parent, when her two oldest boys were two and nine-months. Writing her first business plan with the help of a select few single-mother friends, the idea to bring leadership skills to women everywhere who have experienced trauma, loss, grief, conflict and abuse was born. Nina has been sponsored on this journey by the National Lottery, an international bank, social entrepreneurship grants and by Exeter University which has researched and evaluated her work.
An academic at heart, Nina is driven to create a legacy for women and children that is not only inspiring and heartfelt but also evidence based. She works in partnership with children’s centres, schools, domestic-abuse agencies and most importantly women and children who have lived through the experience of family breakdown. Nina is a secret geek, not-so-secret beach bum and hippy mum to boot. When she’s not speaking, coaching, writing and researching, you’ll find her dipping her toes in the ocean on Exmouth beach or wandering through the ancient woodlands of Devon.

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