Melissa Romo

Melissa Romo earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management, where she studied organizational behavior and leadership. She is a regular speaker for events around the world, including the Digital Marketing World Forum, Generation Success Breaking Barriers, and the B2B Marketing Podcast, and has been recognized as a global advertising and marketing “40 Over 40”, “Inspirational Woman of the Year”, and “Inclusive Leader”.

In her most recent role as VP of Global Marketing, she leads a globally dispersed team for a leading B2B cloud software firm, and has managed remote employees for more than a decade. She is the author of the historical novel “Blue-Eyed Son,” a WWII-era story about displacement and nationhood, and has been a contributing writer on travel and expatriotism for publications in the UK and Poland. She and her Spanish-born husband live in New York City with their two teenage sons and an adopted Labrador.

Books by Melissa Romo