Lesley Roberts

Lesley Roberts is a business coach and adventurer. In 2000 she began a 16-year corporate career with Mars Inc spending 8 years in the commercial side of the business before moving into people development, where she brought her insights from working outdoors to her coaching work with leadership teams and executives.
In 2016, Lesley founded Brave Conversations, working with global teams and individuals to unlock their potential. In 2019 she founded Coaching Outdoors, bringing with her all she has learned about people development and leadership from her corporate career as well as working with youth at risk in the Highlands of Scotland and testing her own limits in the Clipper 11/12 Round The World Yacht Race. Her aim is to bring the many benefits of partnering with nature to as many people as possible.
Lesley holds a BEd in PE and an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business school. Her research focused on how Nature can support both coach and client. She is an EMCC Senior Practitioner and is the proud winner of the Global EMCC Coaching Award for her ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Nature as Co-Facilitator’ coaching programmes.

Books by Lesley Roberts