Julie Dennis

Julie Dennis specialises in practical and natural solutions for controlling menopause symptoms and has helped 1000s of women through her popular online programme the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge and her bespoke VIP work.

She is an experienced speaker and has been quoted in the Telegraph magazine Stella, featured on Psychologies Life Labs and was published as part of the Guardian campaign to raise awareness around menopause in 2016.

Julie was prescribed HRT following a hysterectomy in her early 30s and assumed this was a ‘cure’ for menopause.

In search of new challenges following an early corporate career she qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition adviser. She focused on working with older women and soon discovered one of their key concerns was controlling menopause symptoms. She embarked on extensive research in the field and was shocked to discover HRT was a ‘band aid’, not a cure, and took the big decision to wean herself off it.

Menopause symptoms knocked her for six: hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats and brain freeze all appeared in quick succession. She felt like she was losing her mind.

With the help of a menopause mentor Julie was gradually able to put in place the changes that enabled her to get back on track with her health and business, and since then she has devoted herself to helping women manage this vitally important but little talked-about life stage.

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