Dr. Tammy Watchorn

Dr Tammy Watchorn trained as a scientist before moving into the complex landscape of healthcare to lead change.
After some slow starts she began to realise that her hard-won accreditation in the process of change leadership was meaningless: the only way to achieve success was to focus on people. By understanding those involved in change as individuals, not ‘stakeholders’, she developed a pragmatic way of making progress by stealth using ‘ninja’ moves. Her own neuro-atypical approach allows her to see things differently, to look at the whole rather than the parts, and to help others to see things differently too. There’s no accreditation or one-size-fits-all process for Change Ninjas but there is now, at least, a handbook.
Tammy shares her stories and her approach to leading change widely on social media and in national media and industry publications. She’s also a regular keynote speaker at conferences.

Books by Dr. Tammy Watchorn

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