David Mansfield

David’s advice is widely sought. From startups to established organisations. All looking for outside help to solve those tricky everyday problems. And there isn’t too much he hasn’t seen.

His early career in the commercial operations of the advertising and media industries exposed him to the best and worst excesses of the business world. Eventually leading Capital Radio PLC, he ran the team that built one of the most admired and successful businesses of its era.

David’s many years of experience encompasses a wide range of companies and sectors. From retail, research, events, digital transformation and corporate finance to name but a few.

Present in lofty board rooms and lowly management meetings, he’s been at the table when both brilliant and foolhardy decision were made, seeing first-hand how company and personal reputations can be built or destroyed.

In his evolving career he has encountered the vast number of challenges that face everybody who’s trying to get ahead. His capacity for observation, clear thinking and pragmatic application will help any business leader looking to revolutionise their working week.

He’s a no-nonsense visiting business school professor, academic fellow, management consultant, investor, author and public speaker.

Books by David Mansfield

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