Claire Pedrick

Claire Pedrick is a coach and a pilgrim who can explain complex things simply and works with a systemic lens. After over 13000 coaching hours, she wrote Simplifying Coaching She is a Master Certified Coach with the ICF, a coaching supervisor and coach mentor. Volunteering matters as much as work and Claire holds a Points of Light Award for her voluntary fundraising with the MND Association from the UK Prime Minister, and Outstanding Contribution to Coaching 2022 from Henley Business School. Founding Partner at 3D Coaching, Claire sees coaching as an important part of the development of people and organisations across the world. After a 7 year journey to learn about presence, she is now learning even more about power and white privilege. She loves long walks and in 2022 walked the Camino in Spain. She could list qualifications which will make you assign her power she doesn’t deserve. Claire is a human being with technical experience in coaching. She hoots at drivers who cut her up in traffic jams.

Books by Claire Pedrick

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