Your Business, Your Book

Ginny Carter

Publication date: November 7, 2019

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If you’re a coach, consultant, or speaker who makes a living from your expertise, this is for you. It’s the guide you need to help you plan, write, and promote the book that elevates your authority, increases your visibility, and gets more clients saying ‘yes’. Because creating such a book is a challenge. Where do you start? How do you keep going until the end? And what do you do when you’ve finished? Don’t let your book stay in your head – allow it to come to life and make a positive difference to both you and your readers by following the guidance you’ll find in here.

· Section 1: Plan. Learn how to create a strategic plan and outline for your book, so it both supports your business and helps the people you want to reach.

· Section 2: Write. Master the art of crafting your work so it engages, inspires, and educates your readers.

· Section 3: Promote. Discover how to market your book so it sells to a ready-made audience. This is the final step in building a reputation as the go-to expert in your field.

This book left me with no questions about how to write a business book; it’s comprehensive without being overwhelming, and the advice is easily actionable. I love the gentle humour throughout.

This has been an eye opener. I’d been toying with writing my first book for some time before I read this. As last it’s clear what path to take, and when to seek help. That alone has spurred me into action. Can’t wait to release my book.

This book is practical and easy to read, with several sections that I went back to in detail whilst I was writing my own book. I particularly loved the Writing Persuasively and Insider Tips for Easier Writing chapters. And the Editing one was VERY useful (I never realised how tough this part of writing a book would be!). I often pass on good books to friends to read but this one is a keeper because I know I will want it as a reference guide for future book writing!

This is a beautifully written, helpful, practical and engaging book. If you are thinking of writing a book, read this book first! It’s packed full of advice, information, tips and pointers that will make the whole process easier.

This is a clear and concise guide to writing a business book by an experienced writer, covering all the important stages of planning, writing and marketing a book. It’s an easy read, with lots of practical examples and tips condensed into a compact format. It’s specifically written for this specific segment of non-fiction books. Anyone considering writing a business book should consider this – it will inform and entertain, give them a sense of the commitment involved, and set them up for success. However, I’d see this as potentially being a useful resource for authors in almost any field, as much of the content will be relevant for anyone writing or planning a book on any subject.

This is an attractive, practical guide, bulging with down-to-earth, realistic and up-to-date information and advice to help you get that book of yours done.
Ginny Carter’s brisk, readable prose and clear, well-chosen examples provide an object lesson in how to bring your subject-matter to life, without overwhelming you with too much detail. She is, she admits, a ‘recovering perfectionist’, but this comes very close to delivering a perfect overview of the process by which your book can be planned, written and successfully exploited to enhance your authority and promote your business.

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