Work/Life Flywheel (ebook)

Ollie Henderson

Publication date: January 16, 2023


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“The system you need to make bold changes in your career”
Daniel H. Pink

We’re experiencing a work revolution, with an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine how, when, and where we do what we do. Now is the perfect time to take more control over your work/life and maybe even finally take the leap into going it alone, whether by starting your own business or turning your passion into a career.

Ollie Henderson shares the lessons he’s learned by interviewing entrepreneurs, business leaders, and world-renowned experts on his chart-topping podcast Future Work/Life. Forget work/life balance, the secret to navigating a career transition today is to create a flywheel that aligns all parts of your work and life and harness small wins to help build the momentum you need to succeed.

  • Take control of your long-term future using a proven step-by-step process
  • Develop the confidence to transform your career by focusing on becoming an expert in your niche
  • Adopt a creative and experimental approach to your work/life that delivers consistent, measurable results
  • Cultivate a network of global collaborators to support your transition and generate new opportunities

Experienced founder and CEO Ollie Henderson pivoted his career while juggling the pleasures and pressures of raising a young family. He believes work/life balance is a myth. Rather than seeing career and personal life as two opposing forces, Ollie argues that the secret is to design an integrated approach that allows them to work in harmony.

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