Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama?

Celia Gaze

Publication date: January 10, 2020

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Stressed and unhappy at work, Celia Gaze thought to herself one day: “Surely there must be more to life than this?” She resigned from her high-powered health management role and started transforming a neglected farm into an award-winning wedding venue. She faced nearly every type of challenge an entrepreneur can face – tribunals, near bankruptcy, court hearings, staff issues, system problems – and survived to tell the tale.

But the moment that transformed her business from a struggle to a success was the moment she put a bow tie on a llama. Everyone thought she was crazy – why on earth would you do that?

But it turns out that the ‘crazy’ ideas are often the ones that change your life. This book is a roadmap for uncovering your crazy idea and implementing it.

From the pitfalls and problems to the practical details of making your idea happen, this is a roadmap for anyone who wants more out of life.

What an Inspiration! A must read for any Wedding Industry professional or budding entrepreneur. Honest and candid, I loved every moment reading this.


This book is brilliant. I’ve read the whole thing in one go, it was so good and easy to read, and really resonated with me. The book tells Celia’s business start up story, and includes lots of advice on how to avoid mistakes and build a successful business. It’s very honestly written, and Celia is clearly an amazingly brave women. Celia’s business is a farm diversification to a wedding venue, my business is a farm diversification but to a florist, but I still learnt so much, it certainly isn’t just for people looking at setting up a wedding venue, I would say it would be a great read for anyone starting up a business, especially if it’s going to be customer based, a farm diversification or any other home based business. We have been established for over ten years but I still learnt a great deal so not just for new start ups.
It’s so different from other business books I have read, full of good common sense advice and inspiration.


I love when people come up with creative ideas and overcome challenges to achieve their goals. This book is fascinating and entertaining and inspirational as well. I’m a consultant and business owner and love reading books like this. Thanks!


A very well written, highly entertaining book, describing the author’s journey as she creates an award winning business and builds an award winning team! Any business owner will find this book a treasure trove of useful resources, utilized at various stages of business growth and development.
I enjoyed this book immensely and will return to it again and again!


This is a fantastic book! Very easy to read and relatable, even if you’re not opening a wedding venue!
I have taken lots of inspiration from it as a business owner.
Great read


I started reading this book today and couldn’t put it down. I’ve highlighted so much of it to go back and take more detailed notes. It’s not just ideas and theory, it’s literally chock full of practical advice, suggestions, hints and tips, and links to relevant books and articles (most of which have now been promoted to the top of my reading list). Unfortunately so many of these books give you all the motivational fluff but no substance that can lead to concrete action.
Celia has broken down, step by step, what she did to get her business up and running, including mistakes she made and how she fixed them. She provides links to helpful organisations relevant to funding, planning permission etc, as well as providing tips for managing for finances.
What I love about this book, is that the practical advice is applicable to anyone, no matter what kind of business you want to start. I have no intention of starting a brick and mortar style business yet I have still managed to take so much away from this book. If you are looking to change your life and do something you love, please give this book a read.


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