#Upcycle Your Job

Anna Meller

Publication date: March 29, 2019

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Women make up the majority of university graduates. They enter the workplace in equal numbers with men. But many workplaces still operate with cultures developed over a century ago to reflect a predominantly male workforce and vastly differing social expectations. So all too often as women become parents they are forced to fix things in the only way they can – by downgrading their job expectations or dropping out of the corporate world.
Anna Meller believes it’s high time we #Upcycled our jobs and careers to fit today’s lifestyles and meet women’s changed expectations. Her PROPEL model offers ambitious working mothers new possibilities for progressing their corporate careers.
In this book, Anna leads you through an evidence-based six step process that supports you in finding the balance you need. Practical exercises enable you to craft a working arrangement that meets your employer’s expectations as well as your own aspirations, and to develop the key skills you need to maintain it.

“I loved the ideas and the scientific part of the book. It is useful especially nowadays when we are so connected online. Loved the book and the way the ideas were structured in a logical manner.”


As a mother I was definitely someone who felt my career I had worked so hard for definitely no longer fitted in with my other life priorities. Anna’s book pulls out some new ideas and themes around how you can re-design and re-craft your career to fit with the rest of your life. There are some super helpful checklists, great searching questions that are really well-worded to get you to ask yourself how you can apply these approaches to changing the way your career/life balance looks.


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