Lyn Bromley
Donna Whitbrook

Publication date: November 16, 2017

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Shortlisted for the Judges’ Choice Award, The Business Book Awards 2017
In a world of increasingly digitised interactions it’s more essential than ever for businesses to connect with their customers and staff on a human level.
Trusted gives clear strategies to build and maintain deep professional relationships, authentically. The revolutionary T-spot model explores the five essential areas that must be aligned to create professional trust – mindset, communication, interaction, behaviour and professional image – and reveals where the ‘credibility thief’ is damaging that trust and, ultimately, your profits.
Beautifully designed with concepts illustrated visually throughout, Trusted is full of inspirational ideas, top tips and insights drawn from the authors’ work with world-class organisations. It shows leaders how to focus on the skills that impact on the client experience and the company’s ability to deliver outstanding service, resulting in improved profits, employee retention, company growth and competitive advantage.

Amazon reviews:

‘This book is probably one of the best business books that I have come across. Loads of tips on how to apply the theory in a practical way and so easy to read. The authors demonstrate where they have “been there and done it”. I initially bought the book and dipped in/out as it’s quite easy to do that but have just spent the last 4 days reading it from start to finish and really thinking about where and how we apply this in our business and it has given me loads of ideas. There are case studies throughout which demonstrated the topics and learning points well. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone who values improving client relationships and getting the best from their people.’

‘A fantastic book and very reader friendly. An essential bible for any business person across all sectors. You will find so many tips and strategies for creating great working relationships with colleagues and clients. A great buy!’

‘I give this book a five star rating! A helpful, insightful and easy to read book, I can certainly recommend taking the time to read it.’

‘A really insightful read and practical take aways for use back in the workplace. An excellent tool for implementing great focused customer service in a way that will help to delight existing customers and attract the new ones. The book contains great case studies that you can relate to and that you can use within your business to drive growth and teamwork. I would highly recommend.’

‘We live in turbulent times where trust has become a massive issue across the globe at both micro and macro levels. We are bombarded by fake news daily, and the media is full of stories that erode our trust, so it can be easy to forget that most businesses forge relationships that continue to be built on foundations where trust is an important component. And we all lead increasingly busy lives which means that good communication is often one of the first casualties. Trusted is full of clear practical advice and guidance about building and maintaining strong relationships, and the ingredients that are needed for this such as respect, good communication, authenticity, credibility, etc. Using case study examples of real life situations, the book gives useful insights that will help any business (large or small) that is trying to change its culture in positive ways.’

‘A very inspirational book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and got lots of amazing business and personal tips from it. Well done Lynn and Donna!’

‘This was advised to me to get for my dissertation and I must say it was very good.’

‘Intelligent, current, business common sense… There is, in fact, something for every level of business here.’ Su Askew, HR Director

‘Trusted has a business head and is full of heart. I recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen commercially while remaining at peace with your inner self.’ – Sarah Windrum, CEO, Emerald Group

“Lyn and Donna, have produced a book that’s packed with practical tools and techniques you can use immediately to build trust with colleagues and clients in the modern workplace. I will definitely dip back into this ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of a book to pick out ideas to deliver outstanding customer service. I found it very easy to read. The content seems to have been born and synthesised from experience. The case studies sprinkled throughout the book make the whole thing feel very real. I’d recommend this book for anyone who works in an organisation – no matter how junior or senior in age or position they might be.” Richard Davies

‘What a gem of a book! Trusted has such broad appeal and love the way it’s set out with handy tips, quotes and case studies. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, run your own business or part of a big organisation the T-Spot model is relevant to us all! You might think you are familiar with a lot of the points in the book; it’s all common sense… but the challenge is how well do we do them? AND do we actually do them consistently? Only by consistently being tuned in to your mindset, communication, interaction, behaviour and image can you truly build outstanding professional relationships and enjoy commercial success. Lyn and Donna explain just how to do it!’

‘Very insightful and helpful book in regards to improving and excelling in your personal perception within the Business World in any career path. It’s a must read, I highly recommend purchasing this book. It’s helped me both at university (BSc in Marketing) and within my Business.’

‘Very, very clear in terms of highlighting issues and opportunities and a well structured approach to personal improvement. The experience of the authors shines through – it’s a book I would return to over time to refresh my approach to issues.’

‘A must read for all business owners, team leaders and people in customer facing roles. Reminding us all of the importance of relationships in business, the book is an excellent tool for implementing great customer focused service in your business that will help to please existing customers and win new ones too! . Easy to read, insightful and practical advice backed up by case studies you can relate to, to help you build great and long lasting relationships that will help to really set your business apart and enable both your team and your business to grow! An enjoyable read and very useful. I would highly recommend.’

‘This is a great resource with information and practical ways to build your confidence. I dip in and out and always find it useful and inspiring.’

‘A great read, not only serves to remind us of the enduring power of personal relationships in an increasingly digitised world but also calls out sone really useful tips and strategies to help get the best out of every interaction. Practical and credible, would highly recommend.’

Trusted is an easy to read and well laid out book to help you improve your professional and personal relationships. As well as great advice it also includes case studies to bring the points to life. The book covers 5 principle areas – Mindset ( How to recognise which mindset you are in and the advantages of a growth mindset), Communication ( including body language and different communication styles, Interaction ( The importance of face to face meetings to build trust), Behaviour ( creating a culture with a customer centric vision) and lastly professional Image ( that covers among other things dress code ). These 5 Areas are foundation of the T-Spot model created by Lyn and Donna.

In this day and age, customer service is one of the key drivers to keep existing customers and win new ones. This should be a must read for anyone in a senior or customer facing position.

At the end of each chapter there are great summaries of the main points and you can download a workbook to encourage you to put some of the ideas into practice and embed the learning.

Well recommended.’

‘I really enjoyed reading this book. It is written in an easy going style and has real world examples of client facing situations that I can certainly relate to. The section on developing the right mind set I found particularly useful. Recommended for those in client facing roles and in particular business consultancy.’

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