True Profit Business

Karen Skidmore


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We need to change the way we do business.

 If you’ve decided to go it alone and grow your own business,
you’re probably finding it tough to make things work.

The pace of life is getting faster, our benchmarks for
success ever higher, and thousands of micro-business owners are facing
entrepreneurial burnout, trying to cover up their stress and exhaustion with ‘love-my-life’
smiles and filtered images on social media.

 It’s not just the cashflow that needs fixing: your mental
health and well-being are at stake here.

 If you are ready to make money, make an impact and thrive in
the process, True Profit Business
gives you a simpler, more connected path to business success:

– understand what your bigger vision of success looks like and how business
growth really works

– get clear on the five Growth Pillars to ensure sustainable growth

– discover when to Lean Back and when to Lean In to enable an effective energy
flow between thinking, planning and taking action

– discover which of the five True Profit Business Models will enable you to

True Profit Business
not only helps you diagnose what’s going wrong for you, it focuses you on your
bigger game and shows you the building blocks – the processes and people – you
need to turn your expertise and talents into a purposeful, playful and
profitable business.

This book is written in a very easy-to-digest way and contains some brilliant insights and new ways of thinking – essential for anyone running or looking to set up in business.

I love the waffle-free and no-nonsense style of this guide to running a business the happy way. But even when telling it like it is, Karen maintains her focus on helpfully steering her readers in the direction of less stress and more ease in their work. What I found especially motivating was how this links into making a bigger difference in the world, because it seems that by working in a way that’s natural to us, we’ll in turn be released to (as Karen puts it) ‘play a bigger game’.

Oh wow, finally a business book that recognises that we are not all robots built to work until we burn out. Karen eloquently teaches us through her writing a new way of working. A way where we can thrive and work in alignment with our values and energies. Bravo Karen!!

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book and have read it cover to cover in a matter of days. It’s an easy read – unusual for a business book – and is both inspiring and accessible. Packed with insight drawn from the author’s own career as well as great exercises to help you get really clear on how best to create the business you want without sacrificing your life to it! Thoroughly recommend for anyone starting – or already running – their own entrepreneurial business.

What I love most about this book is how practical and down to earth it is. Karen Skidmore shows you the exact steps to have a profitable and successful business in a way that works for you. It shows you how to create a business that nourishes and fuels you at every step on your business journey.

It’s full of practical exercises which will take you to where you want to go – and it’s written in a fun engaging style. I love it – a must read for every business owner.

This book is much more than an “how to” (although it covers that too). Karen challenges and encourages us to feel into the type of business we wish to create, the difference we want to make. Illustrated with useful examples throughout, I found this book both inspiring and practical and it enabled me to take actions to refocus and progress my business. Highly recommended!

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