Transform to Outperform (ebook)

Susie Robinson

Publication date: October 24, 2022

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Ever wonder how to achieve extraordinary results in a disruptive world? Exceed your own expectations and those of your competitors by unleashing your superpower. Learn how to develop your best self, build your brand, influence, engage others and transform your team and organization’s results.

In Transform to Outperform: 7 powers to transform you, your team and your results, Susie Robinson reveals practical steps towards personal, team and organization transformation, and seven powers that help you deliver extraordinary performance. Leadership is transforming outcomes, it begins with the release of personal power, activated, and amplified by goal and process power. When the right conditions are created, a performance double helix occurs between the leader and their team – people power. Those leaders who embed a concern for people, accountability, customer intimacy and excellence create culture power and a corresponding flywheel effect; an ever-increasing performance momentum which is sustained with smart power and staying power.

Informed by the latest developments in psychology, neuroscience, and performance science, this is a powerful guide to personal development and life transformation as well as a manual for modern leadership and a practical, innovative route through the maze of leading change.

Excellent read! A very helpful read and reference guide for teams and self development.


Outperformance requires a lifetime of reinvention, a personal transformation of the leader interwoven with that of the team, in a double helix of performance peaks, learning troughs, and transformation moments. Learn more not only through the descriptive ways Robinson explains in this book but also the action plans at the end of each chapter to help and guide you through the process. A great read for anyone wishing to remain on top

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