Transform to Outperform

Susie Robinson

Publication date: October 25, 2022


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How do you get the best out of people when leading disruptive change?

In Transform to Outperform: 7 powers to transform you, your team and your results, Susie Robinson reveals the practical steps towards personal, team and organization transformation that will enable you to deliver extraordinary performance. She identifies 7 transformative powers – Goal, Process, Personal, People, Culture, Soft and Staying Power – which build on your existing strengths.

Leadership is about transforming outcomes. It begins with the release of personal power and continues in a performance double helix between the leader and their team, ultimately creating powerful ‘symbiotic’ teams and outstanding results. Informed by the latest developments in psychology, neuro- and performance science as well as many years working directly with leaders with a strengths-based approach, this is a powerful guide to personal development and life transformation as well as a manual for modern leadership.

Susie Robinson is a strategic consultant delivering HR solutions designed to deliver breakthrough performance. Through her 30-year corporate career culminating in HR leadership with DHL for 30 countries in EMEA, with global talent management responsibility for 60 countries, she has worked closely with top experts in the HR/OD field. She has a reputation for leading large-scale successful transformation and world-class HR functions, and her passion is for developing the potential of others through her expertise in talent management and leadership development.

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