Thriving Abroad

Louise Wiles
Evelyn Simpson

Publication date: June 14, 2017

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Thriving Abroad supports one of life’s greatest challenges: international relocation. It guides and inspires employees and their partners who are relocating internationally for work through a three-part framework designed to create personal and professional success abroad.

‘This book is perfect for anyone thinking of taking an international assignment, or anyone who employs staff working internationally, or anyone involved in global mobility provision, either in house or supplier side…

Written by people who have years of assignment work under their belts, their knowledge through experiences shines out of the book… I was curious if this book would help assignees / transferees / global nomads (each relocation provider has a different title – we should just call them ‘people’) to make better decisions about relocating. Whether it would prepare them better, help them really understand it is not like going on a long holiday.

‘Thriving Abroad’ didn’t disappoint in any areas of my curiosity…. This is such a practical book written by international assignees themselves I cannot see how anyone can argue that it is anything other than impeccably useful.’

– The HR Director

Amazon reviews:

‘A must read for anyone thinking of moving abroad. I wish I had had access to such a book when I moved to the UK. Highly recommend. Well written, structured, clear and easy to read.’

“This is a comprehensive reference tool for any family wanting to learn about international relocation – it covers all of the important areas needing to be considered when making such a life-changing decision, and encourages readers to become empowered by the up’s and down’s that moving abroad can bring, all written in a friendly, approachable tone that offers personal anecdotes in addition to case study. I am adding this book to my personal “reference” library and highly recommend for families and service providers alike.”

‘No more move/international relocation without this great handbook! Louise and Evelyn wrote it for both the assignee AND their partner because the decision for this international mobility world should be a joint one. It is a practical guide for coping with reality and helping you make your decisions – and I could not agree more “there always is another decision to be made at some point”. So even as an “experienced” expat spouse (following my husband for the past 13 years around the globe) I just love working with it! Thanks for writing “Thriving Abroad” and supporting us throughout our amazing international journeys!’

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