Three Peaks Leadership

Philip Levinson

Publication date: March 2, 2021


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‘As a CEO of a private equity real estate firm, I learned a lot from this book and only wish I had been able to read before I had my current job.’ – Matt M. Bronfman – CEO, Jamestown, L.P.

‘Philip has penned a highly readable primer illustrated with a mixture of academic research and opinion and the highly relatable catharsis of a fruitful “career” through the echelons of management. Three Peaks Leadership may be written with a CEO role in mind, but it should resonate with a much wider audience of individuals progressing through the halls of management, responsibility and the uncertainties that these may provoke. This is a book that senior managers should retain in the top drawer of the office desk, as barely a day will pass when a situation will not present itself to challenge a business leader. Three Peaks may not immediately resolve the problem at hand, nevertheless, in turbulent times a quick scan of the Contents section will help steady the hand on the tiller and afford the reader an opportunity to steer back on course when the elements conspire otherwise.’ – Paul Durrant – CEO, Conduit Group

‘With more companies realizing they now require a social licence to operate, culture and purpose are essential ingredients for sustainable high performance. Three Peaks Leadership provides the clear strategic insights into all those areas of focus that are critical for CEOs to achieve this goal.’ – Rod Leaver – CEO, Knight FrankAustralia

‘As a new leader of a new team, there is so much I am learning from this book:Philip’s points on agility, listening, humility and curiosity have resonated with me most.’ – Cameron Brownjohn – CEO, Federation Asset Management

‘Three Peaks Leadership is immensely readable… it lays it out simply… for any aspiring or existing CEO, how to be an effective leader and what’s par for the course… self-awareness, ability to move forward while making it an inclusive journey as an effective team leader. Every so often, CEOs tend to be in self-deception mode whether at the foothills or at the summit; this book helps along that journey.’ – Yash Misra – CEO, IdeasX

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