Three Peaks Leadership

Philip Levinson

Publication date: March 2, 2021


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When you become the final decision maker, everything changes

We all know that it’s tough at the top. But nothing, nothing can quite prepare you for becoming CEO.

Philip Levinson has experienced that “What now?” moment as a rookie CEO. In Three Peaks Leadership, he shares the challenges he’s faced and the lessons he’s learned to help aspiring and new leaders prepare for life as a CEO.

The book charts a typical CEO journey, starting in the foothills, looking ahead to the role and how you can prepare for it, before scaling the three peaks:

· the first 100 days in role

· running the business, and

· preparing your company and yourself for your exit.

It’s an expedition that needs the right preparation, mindset and approach, not to mention stamina, resilience and support.

Three Peaks Leadership offers a unique route map for that journey. It’s a hands-on guide, a framework of strategies, tools and techniques that will inform the rest of your career.

Whether you’re in the foothills or already scaling your first CEO summit, Three Peaks Leadership will show you the way.

The book is informative with wise and accessible insights to apply in any leadership situation – it actually appeals to a much larger audience than merely aspiring or practicing CEOs. It presents a career journey with tools and techniques that are based on a sound theoretical framework inspired by sagacious analogies, references and experience. It is sprinkled with personal stories that are humble, brave, and personable.


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