This is Not a Dress Rehearsal (ebook)

Michel Masquelier

Publication date: December 6, 2021


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Take to the stage of life as your own authentic self – write your own script – embrace the limelight. This is the passionate advice from Michel Masquelier, who worked his way up from intern with a shaky grasp of English to Chairman of IMG Media, part of the world’s largest sport’s management agency.

This is Not a Dress Rehearsal – there is no second chance at life, as Masquelier knows all too well. In this part-memoir, part-manifesto and career guide, all inspiration-from-the-heart book, he shares stories from his early life in Belgium to his unique experiences rubbing shoulders with sports stars, business moguls and media pioneers. With open and honest examples of his triumphs, failures, and everything in between, there is something for everyone – the sports fans, the misfits, the motivated and the intrepid.

Whether you need inspiration for your life and career journey, or simply some entertaining and touching anecdotes from a man living as authentically as possible, let Michel remind you to seize the day – after all, this is life, This is Not a Dress Rehearsal.

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