This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Michel Masquelier

Publication date: December 7, 2021

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This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal is an open and honest account of the personal and professional journey of Michel Masquelier, the man who went from being a lowly intern to the Chairman of the media division of IMG, the world’s largest sports management company.

This unique insight into the life of someone who was at the very heart of the sports industry for 35 years is filled with colourful, larger-than-life anecdotes, as well as advice about how to balance professional success with a passion for life and about how – ultimately – the ingredients which help you build a good career can also bring you profound personal contentment.

Masquelier opens his heart to the reader, reflecting on many intimate and deeply moving experiences which have shaped his life, as well as providing up-close portraits of the giants who have shaped the sports industry over the last three decades.

Be inspired and seize the day!

Inspiring insight to the evolution of the sports industry, filled with larger than life anecdotes!
Michel has had such a unique and one of a kind career which has taught him invaluable life lessons. He passes on the knowledge and skills he has acquired, providing us with tips and tricks on how to succeed in business and in life!


Excellent insights into the mindset required to stay positive, engage with the world around you and make truly meaningful connections with everyone you meet in life.


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