The Thriving Giver (ebook)

Sarah Kuipers

Publication date: May 24, 2021


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“Health care professionals and those who take care of others should read this outstanding book!” – Dr. Richard Gillett, psychiatrist and bestselling author of It’s a Freakin’ Mess

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” – Dr. Sarah Eagger, consultant psychiatrist and co-author of Stillness in the Storm

How to balance your own self-care with the needs of others

As a helping professional, caregiver, or someone who puts others first, it is so easy to ignore your own needs. Becoming physically run-down, emotionally burned-out, and spiritually depleted can result in frustration and anxiety – even disillusionment.
Sarah Kuipers knows this all too well. She ran a successful health practice for over 20 years. The combined pressure of work and bringing up three boys as a single parent finally led to debilitating burnout.

Sarah was curious about why so many people, including health professionals, fail to manage stress and practice self-care. She completed a Masters in Research on stress and burnout, and now teaches stress management to medical students.

Caring for others starts with caring for yourself

This timely and practical book encourages you to create a life in which you thrive. Only then can you give your best to the world each day.

The Thriving Giver helps you create a personalised toolkit of self-care skills and practical resources to:

  • Reduce stress and calm anxiety
  • Prevent work stress leaching into home life
  • Replenish energy
  • Release emotional distress to shift your mindset
  • Reignite enthusiasm for work

This user-friendly book offers:

  • Simple, doable steps
  • Short chapters with anecdotes to explain key concepts
  • Signposts so you can cherry-pick the chapters you need

Begin reading The Thriving Giver, and in just a few minutes a day you will learn effective new ways to nurture your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. When you thrive, your giving is sustainable.

This book is fantastic. It’s easy to read and full of practical ideas to help people look after themselves and reduce stress. I think it is relevant for people in any profession, not just healthcare professionals, but especially those who spend a lot of time looking after other people (eg parents!) rather than themselves. I would recommend this to anyone.


What an incredible book for a tired busy parent, so many useful techniques on addressing preventative burnout and ensuring you are providing from an ever flowing cup.
Something I will refer to time and time again in the future to ensure I am keeping better balance in my life through these wonderfully thought out principles.
Thank you Sarah for writing such a brilliant book!


Superb book, well written and easy to follow steps to reduce stress. Targeted at healthcare professionals but relevant for everyone.


An absolute must for anyone working in stressful or emotionally challenging environments. Easy step by step guide to self-care.


This may be the most practical, helpful, and organized book about self-care I have come across recently. Kuipers starts with identifying your beliefs and behaviors, teaches you why burnout prevention is important, and then guides you through different resources to build your self-care toolbox. She also encourages readers to keep a journal of their thoughts and progress, and every section includes prompts to deepen your growth with the section. I will be honest and say that I did not keep a journal, because therapist are sometimes the worst patients, and I still took away important reminders about burnout and tools that I want to incorporate. Despite the fact that I talk with my clients every session about taking care of themselves, it is easy to forget that I am a person in need of care also. This book reminded me that I can only work at my best when I take care of myself, and I think we could all use that reminder. If you are looking for specific tools to create your own self-care routine, this is a book for you!


Amazing stress management tips. Easy to follow steps to help reduce stress. I liked the fact it was targeted to Healthcare workers, but at the same time anyone could use it for help. A fantastic book I will be telling everyone about. Would love a physical copy to carry around with me for those stressful moments.


An excellent resource for those who find themselves in a caregiver role whether it is a part of their employment or a personal situation. In order to provide care for another one must take care of themselves which is something so many people forget. Burnout and moral distress are very real and can have dramatic and traumatic impact on caregivers, learning how to avoid and treat these problems is critical. I think this book would be a good book for all entering the healthcare field.


A remarkable pick up put down book whenever it is required. Although the tools and exercises stay in your mind and practicing them helps them become part of your self conscious – if there are times when you need that reminder the book is easy to self navigate and go straight to the part that applies to your vulnerability or thought process. It has certainly reminded me how the power of saying “No” is empowering! It gives you confidence! The examples Sarah has used in the book demonstrates what we can all achieve. A fantastic, supportive, and positive guide to a successful you in everyday living. Applicable to every profession.


As a counsellor, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist myself, many of the recommended resources are familiar to me yet there is something about the clear framework and spirit of this book, the way it is presented that motivates me to further transformative action. I already find I have personally benefited from reading and applying this book.
The author regularly honours the importance of reaching out for the professional services of a counsellor/psychotherapist too when necessary. I believe it is an excellent book for counsellors to recommend to their clients as well as for their own personal benefit.


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