The Thriving Giver

Sarah Kuipers

Publication date: May 25, 2021


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Give yourself the kind of care you give others and create a personalized toolkit of simple and effective strategies to master stress and replenish your energy.

Whether you are a health or care professional, informal caregiver, therapist, teacher, or simply a people-pleaser who ignores their own needs, this book will equip you with a powerful mix of tools and resources to create a life that nurtures you on every level – emotional, physical and spiritual.

Sarah Kuipers invites you to take a fresh approach to stress by helping you unearth the roots of poor self-care and create new beliefs and personal strategies that encourage you to value, love and care for yourself.

Only when you take care of yourself can you truly thrive, and only when you thrive can you give of your best to the world each day.

Discover 7 powerful principles that will help you:

– create supportive beliefs around your own worth

– gain a greater understanding of your personal risk factors

– transform your thoughts and emotions

– calm your anxiety

– become more assertive

– replenish your energy

– nourish your spirit.

Sarah Kuipers worked with clients for over 20 years, primarily as a hypnotherapist and life coach, while bringing up three boys as a single mother before experiencing burnout. Since completing a Masters Research study on stress, she has facilitated numerous courses on stress management and personal development for medical students.

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