The Team Coaching Toolkit

Tony Llewellyn


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55 proven tools and techniques to help team leaders and project managers improve team performance in a complex environment. The book also provides an introduction to the concept of team coaching as a distinct management activity.

Amazon reviews:

‘Lots of great ideas for building better teams. Easy to read and simple to introduce to your organisation. Highly recommended.’

‘There is no greater risk to a project team achieving what it sets out to achieve than failure to collaborate. Yet what is collaboration and how is it achieved? We see glimpses of it when teams produce “win-win” outcomes. Such instances often rely on the charismatic leadership of an individual. What are the behaviour patterns, and how are they replicated? Is there a systemic approach to collaboration? As a toolkit for collaborative behaviour this excellent book gives the answer as a resounding yes. Well researched and practical the book is easy to engage with. It is what it says a “toolkit”. It inspires learning, encourages practical implementation and is a natural follow on from Performance Coaching for Complex Projects.’

“Excellent toolkit, helps me to have some new tools to work with teams.”

“Very practical and useful!”


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