The Strengths-Based Organization

Emily Hutchinson
Caroline Brown

Publication date: April 20, 2021


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Every leader cares about inclusivity, wellbeing and performance. For technical organizations these aspects are especially acute. Diversity is a real challenge. There are increasing issues around mental health and resilience. Companies need to realize continuous gains in performance and productivity to stay ahead or even just to stay in the game in a fiercely competitive space. How can leaders square the circle?

This book will show you how to build a Strengths-Based Organization – an organization which is based on the scientific understanding of what helps individuals to flourish and organizations to reap the benefits.

Emily Hutchinson is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who, since 1995, has been working with individuals and organizations to improve performance. Caroline Brown is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who has worked for Atkins since 1997, where her career has evolved from being an engineer, to an international business head, to business change lead and coach. Since 2013, they have worked together in a unique partnership to transform organizations.

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