The Resilience Dynamic (ebook)

Jenny Campbell

Publication date: September 26, 2019


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As a leader, do you feel you face a straight choice between high performance versus wellbeing?

Strategic resilience allows you to achieve both, without compromise.

At The Resilience Engine, we believe that everyone deserves to perform well without compromising their wellbeing.

We know our approach works because it’s backed up by ten years of research and experience with thousands of clients in over 75 organisations.

The Resilience Dynamic® illustrates, with practical tools, how to develop resilience as a buffer to stress and how it can transform how you lead change and increase performance in a complex and uncertain world.

In today’s ever changing environment, Resilience is an important quality for career and for life. You will find simple, practical and effective insights from Jenny Campbell, an expert in the subject, to be more resilient.

An essential read for all. For employees in any organisation, for business owners, for parents and for older teens. This book has so much information which is easy to access and makes sense. This is a book, that I will gift to others as I know they will make use of it.

Jenny makes the case for building your resilience to adapt to change and be able to thrive. Not just a book about coping or bounceback; its about what happens as our resilience diminishes as much as its about how to stay highly resilient in life.
It is a highly accessible book and one which is supported by case studies and research.

Jenny’s fabulous book clearly describes how to understand and enhance your levels of resilience and wellbeing. Full of examples and relatable case studies, Jenny busts the myths about being resilient, and provides proven and practical ways to create a Resilient Way.

A book whose time has come ! Business world is seized with changing business model , new international equations, digital transformation, AI and automation. This calls for adaptation and resilience to survive. This also has profound implications on personal lives and relationships. This book gives both a perspective and framework to cope.
Well done Jenny !!!

A tremendous book extremely well written and instantly usable with exercises for those in need of building resilience. A necessary skill for everyone in this less forgiving business world.

This is a very practical book, written in a friendly approachable style. It helps to dispel some of the myths about resilience and I love the way the book shows that everyone can learn to be resilient. Highly recommended.

At last a book which provides a practical, step by step approach to building ones own resilience, as well as supporting teams, friends and family through theirs. Guidance is based in research and real life examples, making it a cut above the theoretical advise that can be found on the internet.

Really insightful overview of what resilience looks like. The descriptions and examples of each state of the resilience dynamic model, are useful and thought provoking, a useful tool for people in teams and leading others, to spot the signs of where your colleagues are at. And for yourself as well…

“…The Resilience Dynamic is a true source of inspiration to me and my coaching clients. Thank you Jenny.”

An excellent book filled with insights, strategies and practical tools to help anyone build their resilience and thrive. There is no more pressing time to create an environment of wellbeing, for ourselves and others. The essential book to achieving this.

A must read for anyone interested in Resilience. Research and practice based material that brings the often complex nature of resilience into a straightforward and practical model. It will yield results for people who are starting out and the seasoned professional coach.

Jenny’s insightful and extensive research helps break down the myths and misconceptions around resilience. She gives practical advice on how to support your Physical, Mental Emotional and Spiritual well being. Ultimately it provides tools to help you plan and commit to manageable activities to develop and maintain optimum resilience. Great read for committing to a new way of focusing on the best possible you for 2020

Jenny Campbell offers a wealth of research based insights alongside a coaching approach to boosting resilience levels using practical tools and inquiries.

A must read for anyone interested in understanding how to enhance personal, team and organisational resilience. A good balance of easy to access frameworks and practical case studies and reflective tools and techniques.

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