The Model Manifesto

Leanne Maskell

Publication date: May 2, 2019

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For such a beautiful industry, there is a lot of ugly behind the scenes in modelling.
Exploitation has always existed in the fashion industry, because it is so aspirational. By cutting through the smoke and mirrors, The Model Manifesto empowers and educates models to take control of their lives into their own hands and educates the public on the reality of what’s involved in modelling. Leanne Maskell has drawn on her 13 years of experience working as an international model together with her legal background to create this easy-to-understand, A-Z guide in order to end exploitation of vulnerable models and wanna-be models. With contributions from top industry experts, The Model Manifesto includes solid advice on everything from mental health issues to paying tax. It covers every aspect of the modelling industry in detail to give an honest and realistic insider view, covering both the highs and the lows.
The way to end the exploitation and the ugly in the industry is by education, awareness and building change from the inside out.

Amazon reviews:

“A must read for young inspiring models. Educational and a real eye opener.”

“…A very informative and well-written book which is a must-read for anyone thinking of entering or participating in such a profession…”

“Great book, a must for any aspiring young model. Well done to Leanne Maskell for highlighting what goes on in the modelling industry.”

“A very well written and truly informative book. A really valuable and much needed insight into the modelling industry, with practical and sound advice on how to make the most out of the opportunities it provides.”

“From a young writer such a truthful insight into a up until now a close business. And very well written.”


“Loved it”

“…If you are a parent, a friend, or an individual who is wanting to begin a career as a model, please read this book asap.”

“This book is a must read for any model or aspiring model. Even those who aren’t models and have a friend or family member who is, or other people in the industry will find this an interesting read. It’s an A to Z on the modelling industry with advice on everything from how to build your portfolio to how to manage your money effectively and even how to stay safe at castings…”

“I’ve been modelling for a very long time and this book answered so many of the questions I’ve wanted to know for years! It covers everything you need to know about how to enter and navigate the industry – I found the chapters on tax and legal particularly interesting as this seems to be such a grey area, and it was so helpful to gain some clarity. This book is such a useful tool to have – thank you Leanne :-)”

“Fabulous book!! Couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone desiring legit information about modeling worldwide! Hoping that this book does exceptionally well because it’s a spectacular resource giving an insider’s perspective! I should know because I’ve been managing fashion models for decades. ;-)”

“Informative and helpful for current and aspiring models. Practical advice from long experience in the modelling profession and three Industry.”

Fantastically written book, full of sage advice from someone who has clearly been there and done it, and come out the other side. Leanne’s book exposes the truth of what really goes on behind the images we see in the media, and I’m sure will help people new to the industry avoid the pitfalls.”

“…An honest and beautifully written account from someone who has lived through every aspect, for several years. Not just an exploitation of the darker aspect of modelling but a comprehensive guide to empower and support those involved. Highly recommend.”

“This book is incredibly well written and put together! It’s been a brilliant book to read to gain insight of the modelling industry. It’s a must read for the younger generation who are now becoming so entrenched with social media and marketing themselves.”

“Anyone whether involved in the modelling industry or not should read this book. It exposes how a seemingly mainstream industry has much darker roots which should not be allowed in this century. Thank you, Leanne, for bringing this information to the forefront, perhaps with public knowledge we can encourage change in this industry.”

“The model manifesto is an essential read for any aspiring or employed model, and all that are associated with the industry. Agencies please take note! An honest and beautifully written account from someone who has lived through every aspect, for several years. Not just an exploitation of the darker aspect of modelling but a comprehensive guide to empower and support those involved. Highly recommend.”

“Leanne has a lot of experience to share, and this is a much needed book for anyone aspiring to get into the fashion world. It’s so important that models are informed about their rights, and about the practices in that world. Plus it’s an easy and fun read! Highly recommend”

“As the title suggests, it is a manual for the fashion industry but truly, this is a bible for young models. The A to Z doesn’t miss a thing and the author does not hold back as she shares her experience and guides you through the pitfalls. The scams to avoid, the creeps to avoid, it is all laid out in brutal honesty with all the benefits too. I was particularly interested in the chapters ‘N is for Networking’ and ‘I is for Instagram’. Instagram has changed the industry connecting clients and models. This chapter tells you how to manage your online presence, use it to your advantage and best of all, how much to charge!”

“…This book is a tremendous service to models and the industry at large. It is painstakingly well-researched by a woman who was in the trenches of the industry and who vulnerably shares some of her more trying, exasperating experiences in an effort save others from similarly painful, costly (both literally and emotionally), and even dangerous situations. As someone who has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 15+ years, I learned things that I should well have known before now — if only there had been someone courageous enough to talk about them. Well, now there is.”

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